Briefs |New Hengqin Port to open on August 18


The new Hengqin Port in Zhuhai will open to the public from August 18, completing the relocation of the Lotus Flower Bridge Checkpoint to the area under Macau jurisdiction. Inbound and outbound passenger clearance services, and Macau-bound vehicle clearance services, will be relocated to the new Hengqin Port. Clearance services for vehicles bound for the mainland from Macau will continue to take place at the existing facilities for that purpose on Hengqin. Members of the public – including drivers – wishing to travel between Macau and Hengqin using the Lotus Flower Bridge are advised to pay close attention to the new clearance arrangements. The Macau area within the new Hengqin Port is located on the opposite shore from the existing Lotus Flower Bridge Checkpoint.

Typhoon signals at Mount Fortress to undergo maintenance

The Cultural Affairs Bureau has conducted a routine inspection of the typhoon signals at the Mount Fortress Garden. It was found that the signal light is not functioning properly and cannot be used to hoist the tropical cyclone signals and the strong monsoon signal for the time being. According to the government, maintenance works will be carried out at the site over the weekend.

Graffiti area at Anim’Arte Nam Van to feature new mural

A graffiti display area at the Anim’Arte Nam Van project is featuring new creations dedicated to the theme “Colourful Summer”. In order to enrich the artistic elements of the neighborhood, the Cultural Affairs Bureau is launching a new graffiti beautification project at the display area by collaborating with two invited graffiti artists, Anny (Chong Wai), a local female artist, and Few (Felipe Timmy Wong Chang), an artist from Costa Rica. The pair will create a new graffiti mural entitled “Animalia Imaginaria – Animal Paradise in Fantasy”. By employing the rich body dynamics of chickens, cows, horses, dogs, bears, and other lively animals, as well as using various colors and abstract visual images, this graffiti collaboration shows the diversity of living creatures in the world and their symbiotic relationship.

Residential, commercial property loan approvals increased in June

New approvals of residential mortgage loans and commercial real estate loans both increased in June 2020, according to data released yesterday by the Monetary Authority of Macao. In June 2020, new residential mortgage loans approved by Macau banks rose by 70.5% month-to-month to MOP4.63 billion, of which the resident component accounted for 68.5% of the total. Meanwhile, new commercial real estate loans rose by 32.9% month-to-month to MOP2.42 billion, of which the proportion of loans to residents accounted for 97.8% of the total. As of the end of June 2020, the outstanding value of residential loans was MOP232.3 billion, while that of commercial loans was MOP179.5 billion.

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