Briefs | Science Center resumes normal schedule


The Macao Science Center has resumed its normal operating hours due to the stabilizing Covid-19 situation in Macau, the public leisure and educational venue has announced. The venue’s normal operation hours are between 10 in the morning and 6 in the evening. It remains open during lunch hours. It is closed on Thursdays only but remains open if the regular holiday falls on a public holiday. It also remains open on public holidays. Visitors are required to wear their own masks, have their body temperatures measured, clean their hands with alcohol sanitizers, and obtain a Green Macau Health Code. Despite these measures, certain exhibits and the entirety of Hall 6 will remain closed.

Cough syrup smugglers busted by authorities of Macau, Zhuhai

A group that smuggled cough syrup from Macau to the mainland has recently been busted in a joint operation by the Customs Services and Police Forces in both Macau and Zhuhai. In the operation, the authorities uncovered and subsequently seized 752 bottles of syrup. In addition, seven people have been arrested. Some of the suspects confessed that they were commissioned by a buyer in Shenzhen, who requested the syrups to be brought into Zhuhai by individual smugglers in small quantities each time. The authorities pointed out the unrestricted consumption of the syrup will cause addition, hallucination, and even death.

Woman reportedly kills herself in a fast food chain outlet

The Judiciary Police received a report yesterday afternoon of a woman who is suspected to have committed suicide in the toilet of a McDonald’s restaurant near the Border Gate. The incident was discovered by an employee at the restaurant who went into the toilet for a regular check at about 1:30 p.m. and discovered the woman there. Paramedics confirmed the death of the woman on site and notified the police to follow up. The police believe that the woman had decided to hang herself. The police found no other suspicious wounds except the one on the woman’s neck. The name of the woman was unknown as of press time. She was about 60 years old.

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