Briefs | Septuagenarian dies after jumping off building


A woman in her 70’s has died after apparently jumping from a residential building near Lilau Square, where she lived. A resident in the building reported hearing a loud bang at 6:45 a.m. on Monday, before seeing a woman lying on the second floor. A team of firefighters moved the woman to the ground floor and brought her to the hospital, where she was declared dead. Her injuries were consistent with falling from a height, and the police did not discover any suspicious wounds. Her husband said that she suffered from chronic diseases and needed to take medications regularly.

Body of sexagenarian found in residential apartment

The body of a man aged 62 was found at 6:44 a.m. yesterday at a residential apartment in Fai Chi Kei by the Fire Services Bureau, who handed the case to the Judiciary Police. A neighbor of the late man reported to the bureau at 5:27 a.m. on the same day that he smelled a strong odor. The firefighter entered the apartment and discovered the body lying on the floor of the bathroom. There were no signs of life. The police did not collect biological data from the body as the man had been deceased for some time. A Macau ID of a 62-year-old man surnamed Pun was found on spot.

Police discover drugs trafficked via unlocked mailboxes

The Public Security Police Force uncovered a drug trafficking operation involving the use of unlocked residential mailboxes to transfer substances. Last week, while patrolling near the São Domingos Municipal Market, police officers spotted two suspicious men at the entrance of a residential building who ran away as the officers approached. The officers intercepted and found drugs on one, and unearthed drugs and tools in several unlocked mailboxes. The police later intercepted two Macau ID holders who were of Thai and Filipino nationalities respectively. The man who fled was caught near the Ruins of St Paul’s.

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