Briefs | Sexagenarian accused of ‘blackmailing’ woman who lost ID


A 63-year-old woman, who is a resident of Macau, is being charged for attempting to sell an identification card back to a mainland woman who lost her document at the Border Gate, according to the Public Security Police Force (PSP). The victim told the police that she became aware of her document being found through a conversation group on a social media platform, which provided a contact number from the person who found her document. When she called the number to retrieve her document, a woman answered the phone and requested a payment of MOP850 in compensation. The victim sought assistance from the PSP before arranging to meet the person who had her document. She offered to pay only MOP250 as compensation for transport, but the woman rejected her offer and tried to leave before being stopped by the police. Questioned by the PSP, the woman claims that she did not find the card, but rather acquired it from a couple at the Border Gate checkpoint for MOP350. She has been presented to the Public Prosecutions Office on October 15 under the charge of unlawfully retaining a third party’s document.

Man’s driving license terminated after disobedience

A local man was caught red-handed driving with a suspended license. He later had his driver’s license revoked by a court of law. On October 8, a police officer intercepted the man using his cellphone while driving. The officer was trying to press charges against the man when it was revealed that the man was driving on a suspended license. The man confessed to the police that he has been suspended from driving for four months by the Court of First Instance. The same court found him guilty of aggravated disobedience and ordered his license to be revoked. Meanwhile, he was also prosecuted for using a cellphone while driving.

Drunk drivers receive probationary sentence, await court hearing

Two drunk drivers were caught by the Public Security Police Force on October 9 and 10. One man, who is in his 40s, was riding his bike on October 9 when he ignored police officers’ instructions to stop and rode into a no-entry road. Preliminary breath testing revealed a blood alcohol level of 1.5g/L. The biker confessed to drinking prior to driving. He was sentenced to two months in jail with 1 year and three months’ probation, during which his license will be suspended. On October 10, a private car stopped before a road block, triggering police suspicion. The driver, in his 30s, was tested with a blood alcohol level of 1.21g/L. He is now awaiting court subpoena.

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