Briefs | Thousands of locals sign up for Zhuhai health insurance


Over 5,000 Macau residents have signed up for Zhuhai’s public health insurance in the first half of this year. According to Zhuhai’s Health Security Department, between January and June, a total of 5,591 Macau and Hong Kong residents signed up for their health insurance in Zhuhai’s public system, approximately 90% of which are from Macau SAR. Since July 1, 2019, Zhuhai has been implementing a health insurance policy for Macau residents living in Hengqin. The Zhuhai insurance policy grants people from Macau and Hong Kong the same healthcare security as Zhuhai locals. The Macau government is providing subsidies to Macau residents who live in Hengqin and sign up for this healthcare system. The local government has a budget of approximately MOP40,000 per person for annual subsidies.

Sunshade wanted for children’s playgrounds

A member of the Islands District Community Service Consultative Council, Lei Hoi Ha, wants the local government to provide sunshades in some public areas on the islands. The islands have approximately 19 children’s playgrounds spread across parks and recreational zones. Lei pointed out that the public only uses the facilities in the morning or in the evening because the weather is unsuitable during other hours. Lei hopes the government will build sunshades in the proximity of these play areas. These sunshades can consist of a specific kind of umbrella, which opens automatically to protect the people from the rain or the sun. However, when the umbrellas close, they will only occupy small spaces. Another alternative suggested by Lei is for the government to plant more trees.

More AEDs required in public spaces, according to Macau Red Cross

Macau Red Cross vice president Chou Kuok Hei is hoping to see more Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public spaces. Starting from April, the association has installed a total of 50 AEDs in locations such as the Macau International Airport, Outer Habour Ferry Terminal, the Border Gate, the government’s public service center, and across more key infrastructure. The Macao Foundation sponsored the installation. The association will work with other government departments for another phase of installation, which will place additional AEDs in other places. The organization believes that these AEDs will help build a safe environment for both Macau residents and tourists, as well as improve Macau’s emergency medical service as an international city. An AED is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

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