Briefs | Two people claim to have fallen victim to phone call fraud


Two local residents have identified themselves as victims of a phone-related fraud, according to the Judiciary Police (PJ). A man in his 30s was persuaded by an “instructor” from an app called “Shua Bao” to download another app called “Panda.” The victim used “Panda” to gamble, depositing a total of 110,000 patacas to bet on the app. However, it eventuated that he was unable to withdraw his money. Another victim said that he had received a phone call from a fake “Beijing Police Department,” which told him that he was involved in fraud. A person claiming to be a public prosecutor then instructed him to transfer 106,000 patacas to close the police investigation.

Over 3,400 applied for unemployment subsidy

In the first eight months of this year, over 3,400 Macau residents applied for an unemployment subsidy from the Social Security Fund. According to the Director of the Financial Services Bureau, Iong Kong Leong, this number is significantly higher than all of last year, when only 1,300 applicants were recorded. As of August, the fund has already approved 38.6 million patacas, whereas in 2019 the department only granted 14.4 million patacas. Currently, Macau has approximately 120,000 senior citizens receiving a retirement pension from the Social Security Fund. This year, in January, the department raised the retirement pension and disability pension to 3,700 patacas per month. In addition, 232 employers and over 21,700 employees participated in the non-mandatory central provident fund.

Alipay transactions in Macau grow after visa resumption

Since August 12, transactions and spending performed through Alipay Macau, Alipay Mainland China and AlipayHK have increased significantly, according to statistics released by Alipay. According to the company, the number of transactions increased 90%, while the amount of expenditure grew 135%. Starting Tuesday, mainland China fully resumed issuing travel permits to its citizens so that they may visit Macau. Alipay is expecting that the resumption will attract a large number of mainland tourists to Macau. The company is forecasting that Alipay transactions will be even more abundant during the upcoming National Day Holiday.

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