Briefs | Vulnerable families to get another gov’t payment


The Macau SAR government is giving over 3,000 vulnerable families another assistance payment, according to a statement released by the Social Welfare Bureau. The money, which ranges from 4,350 patacas to 20,270 patacas, depends on the number of members in each family. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Macau SAR government designed an assistance payment scheme for around 3,100 local families which have been receiving regular governmental financial help. In March, the government issued a one-off financial assistance payment to the families. This is the second distribution and it will cost the government roughly 18.5 million patacas.

Tanzanian man suspected of drug trafficking detained

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has apprehended a Tanzanian man who is suspected of drug trafficking activities in Macau, the PJ reported yesterday. Previously, Hong Kong’s customs authority cracked down on a drug-trafficking case involving HKD3.3 million in drugs. The drugs were mailed to Hong Kong from Europe. On Tuesday afternoon, the PJ found the 39-year-old Tanzanian national in his apartment and seized 15 grams of cocaine and 33,000 patacas in cash, believed to be the drug money. According to the suspect, he purchased the drugs from a non-Chinese national at a local night club. The man was also found to be overstaying in Macau.

Caretaker subsidy scheme expected in fourth quarter

The Macau SAR government is planning to launch a subsidy scheme for caretakers in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the Social Welfare Bureau’s reply to lawmaker Song Pei Kei’s interpellation. At the end of June, the bureau received a report regarding Macau’s seniors’ living conditions and their demand for long-term caretakers. Currently, the bureau is examining the feasibility of the subsidy scheme. According to the bureau, since the beginning of this year, the government has been subsidizing caretakers, with varying levels of financial support provided to individuals. The number of beneficiaries has grown to 16,903 this year, compared with about 12,500 last year.

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