Briefs | Woman who broke quarantine referred to Public Prosecutions Office


The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has referred the case of a woman allegedly breaking her quarantine at the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel to the Public Prosecutions Office. The woman is accused of leaving her designated room without permission and attempting to access another floor of the hotel. The woman is now under mandatory quarantine in response to her alleged violation of the Contagious Disease Prevention and Control Law. The PSP found strong evidence that the woman left her room without approval. The violation can lead to six months of imprisonment or 60 days of monetary fine. Last week, a social media post believed to be made by the woman went viral. The post read, “Today [I] played ‘swapping rooms’.”

Resident loses millions in joint scam by spouse, nephew

Two men, surnamed Chan and Ng, have been arrested for an alleged scam in which the victim, a local woman in her 70s, claimed to have been scammed out of MOP4 million. The suspects are the spouse and nephew of the victim respectively. Chan is the 72-year-old spouse and Ng is the 48-year-old nephew. In the attempt to repay their gambling debts, the suspects took the ID card of the victim to borrow money from another man, using the victim’s residential apartment as a guarantee. The two men even used someone to impersonate the victim in the signing of the agreement. When the suspects could not repay the debt, the victim eventually became aware of the scam under judicial notification. She then reported the case to the police and the scam was uncovered.

Man arrested for issuing blank check for HKD4 million

A male suspect surnamed Wong, aged 39, has been arrested by the Judiciary Police over allegations of issuing a blank check with face value HKD4 million to a 52-year-old victim in disguise in order to repay a HKD6.25-million debt. Between 2014 and 2016, Wong obtained the loan from the victim and promised to repay it in installments. In 2016, he left for the mainland and remained there after issuing a blank check to his debtor. Recently, he has become involved in a real estate conflict on the mainland and was arrested by the mainland police. He was then transferred to the Macau police over the blank check allegation.

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