Briefs | Younger people said to be affected by spinal conditions


A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner says that younger people are now being affected by spinal conditions. Lau Chi Leong recently said that cervical spondylosis is occurring among younger people. According to Lau, in the past, the disease commonly appeared when people were in their 40s or 50s. However, Chinese medicine clinics are finding symptoms of the condition among people in their 30s and even some teenagers. Lau explained that most cervical spondylosis cases are caused by frequent use of electronics, which causes neck strain. As a result, Lau recommends that people to minimize the time spent using electronics, maintain correct body posture, and exercise regularly.

11 additional rental lockers installed in parks

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has installed an additional 11 rental lockers at several public parks. These parks are Sai Van Lake plaza, Reservatório Park, Guia Hill Fitness Trail, Guia Hill Municipal Park, Taipa Houses-Museum, Leisure Area on Taipa Waterfront (Cycle Track), Taipa Central Park (near the basketball court and the football court), and Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park (near the barbecue area). The public can choose from storage cabinets of four different sizes – mini, small, medium and large. The lockers, which are now available, can be rented for 1 to 4 patacas per hour. Users can pay by cash, MPay, WeChat Pay, AliPay or Macau Pass.

Two fall victim to online romance scam

During yesterday’s press conference, the Judiciary Police (PJ) disclosed the details of two online romance scams involving two victims. One alleged victim is a Macau woman in her 50s. She lost a total of 453,700 patacas to her online “boyfriend,” who claimed to be an American engineer. They began contacting each other through an unidentified app before switching to WeChat. From May, the American asked the woman to transfer the aforementioned amount of money to him so that he could purchase or maintain petroleum exploration equipment. The second victim is a mainland tourist in her 20s. She befriended an “American doctor” on Facebook before he asked her to communicate on WeChat. The man then asked her to transfer money through WeChat on four occasions so he could ship a package to Dubai.

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