RIMPAC | Beijing sends spy ship as vessels join largest US naval drill

China sent a surveillance vessel to waters off Hawaii just as the country participated for the first time in the world’s largest naval exercise that’s held in the area, the

Highway collision kills at least 43

The death toll from the southern China highway collision between a bus and a truck loaded with flammable liquid rose to 43 yesterday. The state-run Xinhua News Agency said the truck

Strongest storm in decades in south China kills 18

The strongest typhoon to hit southern China in four decades has killed 18 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes, the government and state media said yesterday, while in

Heavy rains, landslides hit southern China, at least 18 die 

Heavy rains have killed at least 18 people in southern China and a state news agency said six more were missing yesterday after a landslide. Southern China was also bracing for

MACAU NEXT? | Uber targets Asia rivals as Hong Kong service begins

While Uber, valued at USD17 billion based on its most recent round of funding, is now available in most of Asia, Macau and Hanoi are among the few major cities

Actors exchange ‘I do’s’ on Chinese concert stage

The closing act at a charity event, Chinese actress Zhou Xun sang two songs then stayed on stage for the best of encores. Rumors had swirled beforehand that Zhou would be

CHINA AND COMPANY | Mainland’s growth pickup reassuring but no game changer

A pickup in China's growth has fortified confidence the world's second-biggest economy is stabilizing as the past decade's explosive growth decelerates to the 7 percent range. China's economic transformation since the

BRICS | nations agree to create own development bank, headquarter in China

The leaders of five emerging market powers said at a summit yesterday (Macau time) that they gave final agreement to creating their own development bank worth USD100 billion that will

State to civil servants: Get on the bus

China is telling thousands of civil servants to give up their Audis and get on the bus. State media reported yesterday that most Chinese officials must sell their government vehicles in

GUANGZHOU|Police arrest suspect in bus explosion

Police in Guangzhou said yesterday they had arrested a suspect who had confessed to arson in relation to a bus explosion that killed two people and injured 32 others. The statement

Hong Kong asks Beijing for greater democracy

Hong Kong’s leader formally asked Beijing yesterday for legal changes that would ultimately let residents of the southern Chinese city elect his successor, but he downplayed calls for the public

Coast guard frees 13 Vietnamese fishermen, seizes boat

China’s coast guard said yesterday it released 13 Vietnamese fishermen who were seized off the country’s southern coast in two separate incidents amid tensions over disputed waters. The coast guard said

QINGHAI PROVINCE | Explosion hits airport in Xining

An explosion in a parking structure at an airport in the northwest caused slight injuries to an employee who was hit by debris but no one else was hurt, news

Jailed pastor’s family escapes to US

Three members of an imprisoned pastor’s family have sneaked out of China to the U.S. with the help of activists after complaining about an extended campaign of harassment by Chinese

Beijing indicts US, British corporate investigators

British investigator Peter Humphrey and his wife Yingzeng Yu, a U.S. citizen, were charged in Shanghai’s No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, the official Xinhua News Agency said. It said this

Samsung suspends Dongguan supplier over child labor

Samsung Electronics Co. said it has suspended business ties with a Chinese supplier that allegedly hired children. The South Korean company, which is the world’s biggest smartphone maker, said in its

Local governments pile on stimulus undeterred by debt

China’s regional governments are starting to pull out their own stimulus cards to shore up growth as central authorities limit aid for the economy. Northern Hebei province, whose 4.2 percent first-quarter

TV anchor held in anti-corruption drive

A prominent television presenter at China’s state broadcaster known for his nationalist commentary has been detained, in a sign that the country’s anti- corruption campaign is reaching deeper into the

Chinese man accused of hacking into US computers

U.S. authorities have charged a Chinese businessman with hacking into the computer systems of U.S. companies with large defense contracts, including Boeing, to steal data on military projects, including some

China tells reporters to work within state media

Chinese regulators have banned the country's journalists from sharing information they have obtained on the job with overseas media or publishing it in any venue, such as blogging sites, outside

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