Hong Kong | Ferry captain gets 8 years for deadly 2012 sea collision

A Hong Kong ferry captain was sentenced yesterday to eight years in prison for the deaths of 39 people in a 2012 accident that was the southern Chinese coastal city’s

Guangxi | Fog disrupts air traffic

Heavy fog disrupted air traffic and stranded more than 3,000 passengers at a pivotal airport in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region over the weekend. As of Saturday 7 p.m., 30

CNY | Gov’t orders heightened travel safety after deadly stampede

China has ordered stepped-up safety measures over the Lunar New Year travel rush in the wake of terrorist threats and a December stampede in Shanghai that killed 36 people. The government

Hong Kong | Ferry captain convicted in deadly 2012 collision

A nine-member jury also found Lai Sai-ming guilty of endangering the safety of others at sea, in what was Hong Kong's biggest maritime tragedy in decades, the South China Morning

Jackie Chan’s son apologizes after release from jail

Jaycee Chan, 32, said at a news conference on Saturday that he was rededicating himself to his family and entertainment business career. He said he had "no reason, no excuse"

Taiwan Inmates commit suicide after failed prison breakout

  Six inmates led by a mob boss committed suicide at a prison in Taiwan early yesterday after a failed breakout attempt in which they seized weapons and held a warden

Banking | Online loans offer 9 pct return to twitchy investors: China Credit

The latest hot product in China’s shadow- banking industry is giving Chen Ruogang the convenience of Internet commerce, triple the returns of deposits and regular free fruit hampers. It hasn’t

Flight 370 | Chinese relatives protest in Malaysia over missing plane

Chinese relatives of passengers on a missing Malaysia Airlines flight protested yesterday outside the carrier's office in Kuala Lumpur, urging Malaysia to rescind a declaration that all on board have

Xi to make 1st state visit to US in September 

China’s leader Xi Jinping will make his first state visit as president to the United States in September, Chinese official media reported yesterday, underlining positive momentum in the often-troubled relationship between

Hong Kong | Unable to Occupy, demonstrators go shopping to protest

In a novel twist to influencing politics through commerce, Hong Kong protesters are going shopping to spread their pro-democracy message. Carrying the bright yellow umbrellas symbolic of the movement, they

Foreign companies feel Beijing targets them in investigations

Nearly half of foreign companies in China feel singled out in a wave of anti-monopoly and other investigations, and a growing number are deciding not to expand their investments, the American Chamber

Taiwan | Authorities indict 119 over anti-mainland protests

Prosecutors in Taiwan’s capital have indicted 119 people over the occupation of the legislature and cabinet offices in a protest against a proposed agreement to loosen trade restrictions with rival China. Those

Taiwan to appoint new China Affairs head, United Daily reports

Taiwan’s top mainland China affairs official, who participated in the first meeting between the Beijing and Taipei governments, will be replaced by a defense department official, according to a newspaper

Swiss leaks show deposit by ex-premier’s daughter

Li Xiaolin, daughter of a former Chinese premier known for his support of the bloody military crackdown on the 1989 democracy movement, held as much as USD2.48 million in a

What animal to worship this New Year?

Chinese folklorists say the animal symbol can be either a sheep or a goat but more likely goat, given the latter’s popularity as a farm animal among Han Chinese. The Chinese

Beijing finds sizable natural gas field in South China Sea 

China said it recent gas discovery in the politically volatile South China Sea could yield 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas, underlining Beijing’s determination to extract resources from waters

Hong Kong | Employer found guilty in Indonesian maid torture case

A Hong Kong woman who was accused of torturing her Indonesian maid in a case that sparked outrage for the scale of its brutality was convicted of a slew of

New year dilemma for mainland’s ‘home-fear tribe’

A week away from the Chinese lunar new year, Xu Jun frets over the idea of homecoming. Xu, a 32-year-old white-collar working in Beijing, said while he misses his loved ones

Xi plans to make 1st state visit to US

The official China Daily newspaper quoted China’s ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai as saying Chinese and U.S. officials are discussing the visit. Cui told Chinese reporters Sunday that no

Mafia boss tied to disgraced security czar executed for leading crime gang

  A former mining tycoon who led a mafia-style crime gang that ran casinos and killed rivals has been executed along with four of the gang’s members, a court in central

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