Cupid strikes for Hong Kong career women on the mainland

After a few failed relationships in her home city of Hong Kong, Doreen Cheung did not expect Cupid to strike when she moved to Shanghai in 2002. A PR manager then

Hong Kong | Grandmas vie for jobs as Asia’s worst aging crisis looms

Eighty-six years old and still job hunting. Wong Siu-ying had to stop passing out leaflets on a Hong Kong flyover when she hurt her knee in August. With two-thirds of her

Two mainlanders may be among future Mars residents

Despite an estimate that colonists could not survive for more than 68 days on the Red Planet, the Mars One Mission received more than 200,000 applications worldwide, and two Chinese

Insight: Lunar New Year gift giving in the Internet era

Nowadays, this has been replaced by one tap on a mobile app, with no need to even meet in person. Ushering in the Year of the Sheep, people across the country

Happy New Year: Astrological signs bad for the Sheep Year 

  Chinese were seeing in the Year of the Sheep on Thursday, but with fortune-tellers predicting accidents and an unstable economy and some parents-to-be fretting over the year’s reputation for docile

Beijing protests to India over Modi’s visit to disputed area

China summoned India’s ambassador over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to a disputed border region in the Himalayas, a long-festering irritant in relations between the Asian giants. Modi on Friday visited

Nursing home worker kills 3, injures 15 with brick

A nursing home worker in central China accused of killing three elderly residents with a brick and injuring 15 other people had argued with his boss over unpaid wages, according

Hong Kong | Woolly mammoths invading the city

In the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong, just across the street from a popular department store, Ming Hing Arts has a newly opened shop selling chopsticks, bracelets, Buddha statues,

Hong Kong | In Year of Sheep, CE Leung suggests following their lead

In Hong Kong, the scene of protests that disrupted the city’s Central district for 11 weeks, the chief executive used his Year of the Sheep address to ask people to

CNY holiday makes business, cultural waves around world

Decades ago the Chinese New Year holiday, also known as Spring Festival, had little impact outside of China. But as the country gained outsized economic influence, the holiday, which has enormous

Chinese corruption crackdown slams sales of New Year’s bling

During China’s boom years, Shanxi province was an economic backwater notorious for coal mine accidents and air pollution. According to a 2013 study by researchers at Princeton University, the University

Gov’t urges fewer fireworks during Lunar celebrations

Setting off fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year may be a centuries-old tradition, but the country’s authorities are urging people to light fewer of them this week as cities fight

This Day in History | 1997 – China’s reformist Deng Xiaoping dies

He had been suffering from failing health for several years and was last seen in public three years ago. The country’s official news agency said his death was the result of

American lobster: the mainland’s new festive delicacy 

  Now on the menu in Beijing for Chinese New Year: lots and lots of American lobster. Exports of U.S. lobster to China have rocketed in the past few years, largely to satisfy the

Thanksgiving celebrations have nothing on CNY

About 2.8 billion trips will be made in China, including 295 million on board trains, according to government estimates. In the U.S., AAA Travel had projected last year that 46.3

Prosecutors take down senior leader amid anti-corruption campaign 

Su Rong, a former provincial party leader and former vice chairman of China’s top political advisory body, is one of the most senior officials to have fallen in President Xi Jinping’s sweeping

Tens of millions on the move for Lunar New Year

A new interactive map of China’s Lunar New Year travel tells a story of massive migration home from the big city. The updating graphic posted online by the Chinese Internet portal

Shanghai dampens festive events after deadly stampede

Officials have put the brakes on some popular Chinese New Year events in big cities in the wake of a deadly stampede in Shanghai last month, leaving some observers complaining

Tighter online controls point to wider clampdown 

  Working out of a Beijing office full of video game designers from around the world, Chinese-born Pin Wang and his startup Substantial Games should be the face of the innovative,

Beijing said to ask local gov’ts to re-examine reported debt

China’s finance ministry asked local governments to re-examine the amount of debt they reported previously as authorities step up efforts to limit leverage and control risks to the financial system. Some

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