Mummified Buddha shown in Hungary stolen from Fujian

The Cultural Relic Bureau in east China’s Fujian Province said on Sunday that judging from research and media reports, experts have confirmed that the statue on show in Hungarian Natural

Singapore’s Lee seen as an inspiration for modern PRC

Chinese leaders admired modern Singapore’s founder Lee Kuan Yew for his toughness, economic pragmatism and insistence on respect for authority. In many ways, Lee’s model of “Asian values,” combining authoritarianism

Analysis | United States: Asians will be the wealthiest

A new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis shows that as most people assume, education is a key both to mobility and to the accumulation of wealth.

Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo revive talks after history disputes

Meeting for the first time in three years, the foreign ministers of China, South Korea and Japan agreed Saturday to work together to improve ties strained by historical and territorial issues

Taiwan | Students mark anniversary of occupy parliament movement

About 300 university students gathered outside Taiwan’s legislative house yesterday evening, kicking off a scheduled 31-hour demonstration to mark the anniversary of a movement that occupied the island’s parliament. The students

China Development Forum | Vice Premier says rapid growth isn’t what economy needs

China doesn’t need the rapid economic growth of the past and will instead focus on tasks including returning the blue to Beijing’s skies, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli told global executives

State newspaper attacks Tibet groups’ Olympic protest 

Tibetan groups calling on the IOC to reject Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Games are out of touch with the Himalayan region and their campaign is “doomed to failure,”

Briefs | First passenger flight with cooking oil lands successfully

Hainan Airlines announced it finished China’s first passenger flight with sustainable biofuel on Saturday, a milestone for the country’s commercial aviation industry. The flight, which carried more than 100 passengers

Glittery MyCoin ends in arrests, burning HK, mainland investors

An investment in bitcoin promising a 150 percent yield. That’s what was being offered to more than 2,000 people last August in the grand ballroom of the Sheraton Macao Hotel,

Party indicts former oil boss Jiang on corruption charges 

The former chairman of the stated-owned parent of PetroChina Ltd., Asia’s biggest oil producer, was indicted yesterday in a spreading anti-corruption crackdown. Jiang Jiemin was charged with abusing his position at China National

Yahoo closing last China office in Beijing

Yahoo! Inc. is shutting down its office in China, a move that will eliminate 200 to 300 jobs, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The Web portal, which

Xinjiang | Beijing’s secret plan to track militants and bring them home

  Days after Indonesia arrested four Uighur terrorism suspects in September in the country’s east, China dispatched three intelligence officers to ask authorities to hand them over. While Indonesia initially demurred, China

Taiwan | Youth mark anniversary of occupy parliament movement

Youth groups in Taiwan are marking the anniversary of a movement that occupied the island’s parliament and scuttled the ratification of a trade pact with China, Taiwan’s biggest trading partner and

Cabinet announces audit of state company assets abroad

The Cabinet agency that oversees China’s biggest banks, oil producers and other government companies has announced plans to have outside auditors examine their foreign assets in a new move to tighten control

HONG KONG | Customs detects nearly 5,000 illegal milk powder export cases over past year

From March 2014 to February 2015, Hong Kong’s Customs and Excise Department detected a total of 4,986 cases of illegal export of powdered formula, involving the arrest of 5,000 people,

HONG KONG | Ambulance summoned to Leung’s residence as daughter alleges abuse on Facebook

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying yesterday afternoon held a press conference telling the city’s media there was no domestic violence in his family home following allegations made by his

Germany, France, Italy to join Beijing-led Asian bank

Germany, France and Italy followed Britain yesterday in announcing that they plan to join a proposed Chinese-led Asian regional bank, swinging Europe’s biggest economic powers behind a project that is

Harvard’s president speaks in Beijing about climate change 

The Harvard president told students at one of China’s most prestigious universities yesterday that academic institutions must be unfettered places where every topic can be raised and every question asked to help

PetroChina vice chairman Liao probed by anti-graft body

The vice chairman of China’s biggest state-owned energy company has become the latest prominent executive targeted by Communist Party investigators in a spreading anti-corruption campaign. Liao Yongyuan, vice chairman of PetroChina Ltd., is

Hong Kong | Airport gets green light for USD18b third runway

The Hong Kong government gave final approval yesterday for a third runway at the Asian financial center’s airport, aiming to meet surging growth in passengers and air cargo. Officials said the

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