Art colony’s free-speech illusion shatters 

Just a few weeks ago, oil painters in eastern Beijing’s Songzhuang art district had welcomed foreign reporters into their studios and shown off works tackling such touchy subjects as China’s prisons and

HONG KONG | Leung: ‘External forces’ involved in protests

Hong Kong’s leader has claimed that “external forces” are participating in student-led pro-democracy protests that have occupied parts of this financial capital for more than three weeks, but provided no

Beijing gives USD6 million for food in Ebola countries

China has donated USD6 million to help stave off food shortages in the three African countries worst affected by the Ebola virus, the World Food Program announced yesterday, part of Beijing’s

Low expectations as Beijing considers legal reforms 

The most important meeting of the year for the 205 members of China’s ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee, beginning today, will focus on how to rule the country in accordance

Mainland to broaden two child policy in 2 years

All Chinese couples will be allowed to have a second child in two years, said a researcher who advises the government on birth control policies. “We will fully relax the

Hong Kong | Protest violence continues amid plan for talks

Hong Kong officials and pro-democracy protesters agreed to start talks this week, while police and demonstrators continue to face off in Mong Kok after three days of clashes that left

| Beijing marathoners don face masks to battle smog

Despite heavy pollution blanketing Beijing yesterday, an international marathon went ahead, with face masks and sponges among the equipment used by competitors to battle the smog. The 34th Beijing International Marathon

Authorities say villagers burned workers to death

Villagers in a bitter standoff with a property developer in rural southwestern China detained several construction workers and burned four of them to death in a scuffle that left eight

Protests seen as a passing economic storm for Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s economy weathers three major typhoon warnings each year. So far, the Occupy Central protests have proved to be just another passing storm. Like they do when a tropical cyclone

Hong Kong | Leung ready to meet with students

Hong Kong’s leader said yesterday he is ready to start talks with student pro-democracy protest leaders as soon as next week, suggesting a breakthrough in a political crisis that has

Fresh scuffles between Hong Kong police, activists 

Police briefly scuffled with protesters camped out in Hong Kong’s streets early yesterday, but held back from dismantling barricades erected by the activists pushing for greater democracy in the Chinese

Hong Kong | Who leaked about Leung? Faceoff runs from chainsaws to whispers

The battle for Hong Kong’s future is being fought with bamboo barricades and bags of dirty tricks. Like in the pages of an airport thriller, potentially embarrassing tip offs are being

Hong Kong | Police battle protesters to regain control of key road

Hong Kong police said they would investigate a complaint alleging officers beat a pro-democracy protester during clashes early yesterday morning over control of a key road. Ken Tsang, a member of

Authorities ban books by pro-Hong Kong protest author

Authorities in China have ordered books by Chinese-American scholar Yu Ying-shih to be removed from sale, as Beijing expresses its displeasure with writers showing support for pro-democracy movements in Hong Kong and

Spider-Man may swing over Beijing in new theme park 

Spider-Man could soon swing over Beijing, chasing Optimus Prime and despicable minions through a USD3.3 billion Universal theme park aimed at capitalizing on China’s rising middle class and growing demand for all

Hong Kong | Police and protesters in tense standoff 

Dozens of pro-democracy protesters were in a tense standoff yesterday night with a large number of riot police near Hong Kong’s government headquarters. Television stations showed hundreds of police wearing helmets

Pro-protest HK newspaper besieged as deliveries disrupted

As many as 300 men have besieged the printing plant of a pro-protest Hong Kong newspaper, delaying delivery of Apple Daily and other papers printed at the site including the

Angry crowd charges Hong Kong protest barricades

An angry crowd opposed to pro-democracy protests that have paralyzed parts of Hong Kong for more than two weeks charged barricades used by the demonstrators yesterday, clashing with police as

ECONOMY | Beijing finds agreement with IMF about slowdown

Central bankers and International Monetary Fund officials agree with Beijing: a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy is considered healthy and there’s no need for further monetary easing. People’s Bank of

Analysis | Declining teacher ethics ring alarm bells

On Sunday, southwest China’s Sichuan Fine Arts Institute barred Wang Xiaojian, a retired associate professor, from attending any of the institute’s teaching, research and academic activities, after pictures of him

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