Retail chains see 50pct sales drop, survey shows

Sales at major Hong Kong retailer chains have fallen as much as 50 percent during the bulk of the Chinese National Day holidays after pro-democracy protests disrupted the shopping season,

HONG KONG | Protests thin as two sides agree to talk

Crowds of protesters who filled Hong Kong’s streets with demands for a greater say in choosing the territory’s leader thinned dramatically yesterday after student leaders and the government agreed to

HONG KONG | Protests shrink after tumultuous week

Student-led protests for democratic reforms in Hong Kong shrank yesterday but a few hundred demonstrators remained camped out in the streets, vowing to keep up the pressure until the government

Hong Kong | FireChat helps demonstrators overcome traffic jam

Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators finding it difficult to communicate over congested mobile-phone networks are downloading the application FireChat about 100,000 times a day in an effort to stay connected. Open Garden’s

Tiananmen legacy looms over Hong Kong protests 

The legacy of the 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square looms larger in Hong Kong than in mainland China, where the Communist Party has virtually erased all public mention of it. In

HONG KONG | Protesters at odds over pullback plan 

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists appeared divided after some agreed to remove some barriers blocking roads and sidewalks ahead of a deadline today set by the government and scale back their

HONG KONG | Democracy standoff reflects wide rifts in society

The story of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s top leader, is the type of rags-to-riches tale that is generally admired in this commercially-minded city. But Leung is deeply unpopular, thanks mainly

Patriotism fuels cruises to disputed isles 

On a cruise more about politics than pleasure, Zhang Jing watched the gray shells of the Paracel Islands emerge from the purple, pre-dawn South China Sea. Cheers erupted on board at the sight

HONG KONG | Protesters block roads as leaders set deadline

  Protesters continued to block roads in central Hong Kong in the fifth day of pro-democracy demonstrations as leaders warned the standoff would escalate in the coming days if their demands

China Views | Why Shanghai won’t replace Hong Kong anytime soon

If there’s any likely winner from China’s unprecedented clampdown on Hong Kong, it’s Singapore. All the tiny city-state needs to do to attract the giant banks, hedge funds and multinational firms

HONG KONG | ‘Umbrella Revolution’ protests spread as numbers swell

Hong Kong’s police yesterday defended their use of tear gas and other tactics to control protests that have paralyzed the city’s financial district, appealing to the thousands gathered to demand

Mainlanders receive limited coverage of ‘illegal’ democracy clashes

On a day when front pages of newspapers in Hong Kong and around the world carried stories on pro-democracy protesters confronting riot police in the city, the lead article in

HSBC among banks that shuttered HK branches

Standard Chartered and HSBC were among banks that shuttered some branches in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protesters remained on the streets following weekend clashes with police. About 44 branches, offices and

Instagram blocked amid HK protests

Users of Instagram reported the photo-sharing service was inaccessible in China yesterday, as the government sought to limit news of pro-democracy protesters clashing with police in Hong Kong., a group

HONG KONG | Pro-democracy protesters defy police firing tear gas

Thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators defied tear gas and pepper spray to occupy the city center, as police undertook the biggest crackdown since the city returned to Chinese rule. Police

TAIWAN | Taipei tells Beijing no to ‘one country two systems’

Chinese president Xi Jinping said reunifying the mainland and Taiwan is about ending political antagonism rather than about rebuilding territories and sovereignty, state media reported Friday. Xi’s remarks to a delegation of pro-reunification

Gov’t busts iPhone 6 smugglers in Shanghai

China in recent days has busted a slew of smugglers bringing Apple iPhone 6 models into the country ahead of their official release, with officials yesterday reporting the latest seizure of

Fatal school stampede blamed on horseplay 

A stampede that killed six children and injured 26 at a southern Chinese elementary school was sparked by horseplay that caused panic among dozens of schoolchildren, a state-run newspaper reported

HONG KONG | Trouble in town? Beijing summons tycoons 

As trouble brews in Hong Kong, who’s Beijing going to call? The billionaires. With political tension in the southern Chinese financial hub at its highest in years, China’s leaders summoned dozens of the

HONG KONG | Students target top official’s home in night protest

Hong Kong students were marching last night toward the home of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying as part of a campaign demanding broader voting rights in the city. Hundreds of protesters, waving

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