‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ a love letter to sick dad

In 1978, when writer-director Maya Forbes was 10 years old, her mother went away to graduate school, leaving Forbes and her little sister in the care of their mentally ill

Emma Bovary proves elusive on screen, once again

What is it about Emma Bovary? She is, of course, one of literature’s most famous and tragic heroines, and so it’s no surprise that directors from Jean Renoir (1934) to

Dano, Cusack hit the right notes in ‘Love & Mercy’

Brian Wilson's life is too big for a movie. The story of the brilliant and troubled co-founder of The Beach Boys barely lends itself to a coherent linear narrative, let

‘Poltergeist’ solid remake of haunted house classic

It’s infrequent and particularly satisfying when the remake of an especially memorable film equals or exceeds the experience of the original. In 1982, “Poltergeist” saw the brilliant pairing of “The

‘Saint Laurent’ is compelling yet maddening, too

  There’s a wonderful scene in “Saint Laurent,” the sumptuous, exciting and also maddening new film by Bertrand Bonello, in which we watch the famous designer casually display his brilliance. A wealthy,

Girl power! ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ hits those sweet notes

Who run the world? GIRLS!” sing those irrepressible Barden University Bellas, channeling Beyonce, in “Pitch Perfect 2.” And yes, they sure do run the world. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2012

Wiig captivates in funny, disturbing ‘Welcome to Me’

There’s dark comedy, and then there’s take-no-prisoners, dare-you-to-keep-looking dark comedy. Kristen Wiig’s “Welcome to Me” falls decidedly in the latter category, making us laugh but feel deeply unsettled about doing

‘Age of Ultron’ is an Avengers overdose

It will surely stand as one of the most peculiar and possibly ironic entries in a director’s filmography that in between Joss Whedon’s two “Avengers” films there reads “Much Ado

Indie ‘Adult Beginners’ explores familiar territory

Are you happy?” is the prevailing question of its fair share of indie dramas. The cinema of borderline depressive thirtysomethings living in reasonably pleasant suburban environs might as well be a

Binoche, Stewart excel in Assayas’ meditation on age 

The aging actress has always been a deliciously potent subject for movies, from Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard” to Margo Channing in “All About Eve” and way beyond. It’s clear why: The

‘Get Hard’ plays with stereotypes with mixed success

While the stereotypes in "Get Hard" may be gross exaggerations, its characters live in the real world: A place where the chasm between rich and poor is vast and growing;

In ‘Lambert & Stamp,’ the backstage story of The Who

The teenage revolution was in full force on the fall 1964 night that Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp stumbled into the Railway Tavern, a London pub where a band called

Despite its star power, ‘Serena’ has no spark

The arithmetic on "Serena" is fascinating. Two of the biggest movie stars in the world plus an Oscar-winning director and a best-selling novel somehow add up to a forgettable, under-the-radar

An urban myth lives in ‘Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter’ 

  In 2001, a stranger-than-fiction “true story” emerged in local papers about a 28-year-­old Japanese woman who flew from Japan to Minnesota and bussed to North Dakota to search for the

‘Unfinished Business’ should never have started

In the years since he strutted onto the scene — lean, handsome, mouth running a mile a minute — in Doug Liman’s “Swingers” (1996), Vince Vaughn has become one of

O’Connell leads gripping Belfast thriller ‘71’

The grimly gripping thriller ‘71’ plunges a young, inexperienced British soldier into the mayhem of 1970s Belfast. Private Gary Hook (the up-­and-coming “Unbroken” star Jack O’Connell) and his fellow fresh soldiers have

Teen comedy ‘DUFF’ gives genre a social media spin

All teen comedies owe some debt to John Hughes and Amy Heckerling. The milieu of suburban teenage life that they explored decades ago has defined the genre since. The social divisions,

‘Birdman’ takes flight at an Oscars punctuated by politics 

Birdman” captured Hollywood’s top honor at the Academy Awards yesterday, where the jazzy, surreal comedy about an actor fleeing his superhero past won best picture at a ceremony punctuated by

Oscars speeches filled with political activism, pet issues

Much of the chatter going into the Oscars was about the lack of diversity in the Academy’s choices, specifically the dearth of nominations for “Selma.”But while there were plenty of

SHOW BITS: Placing your bets on Oscar winners

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Show Bits brings you the 87th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles through the eyes of Associated Press journalists. Follow them on Twitter where available with

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