Digital Life | With restraint, YouTube rolls out original programming

Michael “Burnie” Burns hears a discrepancy. Before greeting moviegoers at the debut of his film, the writer-actor is eavesdropping on all the big-budget movie trailers playing ahead of his much smaller

News of the World | In latest fad, Thais treat ‘child angel’ dolls like pets

Mix one part superstition, two parts fashion, a dab of celebrity idolatry and a heap of media frenzy, and what do you get? The "child angel" dolls, the latest craze in

News of The World | Instagrams of ‘Dog Named Jimmy’ turned owner’s life around

Rafael Mantesso turned 30 in an empty New York apartment after divorce left every wall, floor, closet and shelf bare. The only things he had left were his cellphone and

News of the World | India: Scientists ID new genus of tree frogs long thought extinct

A group of scientists, led by renowned Indian biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju, has rediscovered the “vanished” frogs and also identified them as part of a new genus — one step

News of the World | David Bowie never stopped looking ahead

It was hardly a coincidence that David Bowie named his greatest hits collection "Changes." Bowie changed musical styles, fashion, even his name — from David Jones — in a relentless exploration

Travelog | Kyu Asakura: Finding serenity in a historic Tokyo house and garden

Coming from the high-rise neon madness of Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood just one train stop away, simply walking through the neighborhood of Daikanyama may feel almost like being in a Zen

News of the World | Chinese medicinal herbs provide niche market for US farmers 

Expanding interest in traditional Chinese medicine in the United States is fostering a potentially lucrative new niche market for farmers who plant the varieties of herbs, flowers and trees sought

Holidays | Travel industry embraces virtual reality as marketing tool

From roller coasters to cruises to destinations, virtual reality is exploding as a way to market travel. You can parasail and paddle-board using virtual reality content produced by Florida’s Visit St.

Travelog | Diving in the Marshall Islands with tuna, turtles and wrecks

It was clear right away it was a tuna swimming past because of the distinctive bumps along its back that lead to its angular tail. And what a whopper. It

MDT Feature | Local illusionist strives to keep the magic alive

It was only two months ago that Iong’s Magic & Co Macau found its place on a street near St. Lawrence’s Church. At the time, the institution had just been

News of the World | Probe will test technology to detect ripples in space-time

The European Space Agency yesterday launched a rocket carrying two cubes of gold and platinum almost a million miles from Earth so that scientists can see how they'll behave in

MDT FEATURE | New bookshop enriches cultural life of Zhuhai

On 30th May this year, Zhuhai’s largest and most modern bookshop celebrated its first birthday with six cultural events that attracted hundreds of people to share the anniversary. Yuechao (Read Zone)

News of the World | Behind pomp of APEC summit, crushing poverty endures

Just a few miles from the gleaming venue hosting President Barack Obama and other world leaders sits Manila’s slum of slums on a mountain of trash, a potent reminder to

Toys have best year in a decade

Toys are staging a comeback. The U.S. toy industry is expected to have its strongest year in at least a decade after several years of kids choosing videogames and mobile apps

News of the World | NATO tests its capabilities – and wants Russia to take note

The U.S.-led alliance's aim is to train and exercise, but it is also "sending a very clear message to our nations and to any potential adversary," NATO Jen Stoltenberg told

Digital Life | Apple TV brings iPhone-like apps to the big screen

Apple TV has been a depend-­able streamer, but until now its repertoire was limited to a few dozen services. Sure, these included Netflix, Hulu and HBO. But Apple didn't let

Travelog | ‘Halal tourism’ emerges as businesses serve Muslim travelers

A rental company in Orlando, Florida, is offering "halal vacation homes" with curtained pool decks and rooms with prayer mats and copies of the Quran. A British company's app lists

Digital Life | Amazon’s gizmos aim to be assistants for your abode

When I brought home review models of Amazon's Echo speaker, a sort of smart, voice- controlled speaker, and two Dash buttons that reorder household products with a single touch, I wasn't

News of the World | Luxury birthing clinics spur cesarean ‘epidemic’ in Brazil

Thais Faria sank into a leather love seat, relaxing under the ministrations first of a masseuse, then a manicurist and finally a hairdresser-cum-makeup artist. Not 24 hours after her daughter

News of the World | Hope, fear, waiting at French migrant camps run by smugglers

A Mercedes and a BMW, both with British license plates, sit in a forest clearing on the edge of a small migrant camp in northern France. Everyone here speaks in

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