briefs: Result to be released on election day

The Electoral Affairs Commission for the Chief Executive (CAECE) has estimated that it will take between 1.5 to two hours to count the votes on the CE election day. CAECE

Locals pick up Ice Bucket Challenge

The challenge requires individuals to dump a bucket of ice water on their heads, or make a donation to charitable organizations, before challenging others to do the same. It seeks

A ‘trumpet evolution’: Arturo Sandoval brings the flavors of Cuban jazz to town

From a small Cuban town to America, Sandoval worked his way up to become a world-renowned jazz trumpet player, and has now won 10 Grammy Awards, one Emmy and a

First protest against all gaming operators, FMG announces industrial action targeting SJM

During the event, some demonstrators broke through the police line. They also gathered outside Grand Lisboa, demanding to see the SJM chief executive officer, Ambrose So. The protestors first started

STATISTICS | Average salary for gaming sector workers above MOP20K

year, with dealers earning MOP17,530 on average. At the end of the second quarter, the sector had 1,529 vacancies, down by 62 year- on-year; of these, vacant posts for dealers fell significantly

Boxing superstar Pacquiao says Algieri is ‘an okay fighter’

Chris Algieri was a relatively unknown contender until he won the WBO light welterweight title in a split decision. Despite having suffered two knockdowns in the first round, which closed

briefs: 18 million tourists from January to July

Macau received 18 million visitors from January to July, which is an increase of 8 percent when compared with the same period in 2013, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau

The sole candidate on the campaign trail | Chui quizzed on gaming industry development

Electoral College members questioned Chui Sai On about the future development of the gaming industry, along with its subsequent impact on Macau’s labor force, during a meeting yesterday morning. Ambrose So,

Jason Chao leaves MP facing aggravated disobedience charge

Chao and another four referendum volunteers, including Scott Chiang, member of the New Macau Association board, were detained on Sunday for allegedly violating the personal data protection legislation. The

UM Hengqin campus in full operation, fresh start and divergent opinions

After the bustling new semester school opening in the morning, some students attended their first classes, while others were occupied with registration procedures at the administration building. The eight residential colleges

THE SOLE CANDIDATE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL | Chui Sai On: More land resources needed for housing

Hundreds of Macau citizens gathered at Keang Peng Secondary School in the Iao Hon neighborhood yesterday, asking questions addressed to the sole candidate for the Chief Executive Election, which will

CRIME | Burglar breaks into Chan Meng Kam’s Cheoc Van mansion

A burglar stole several thousand dollars from the house of lawmaker Chan Meng Kam last Friday night in Cheoc Van, Coloane. The Public Security Police (PSP) suggested that it was Chan’s

GPDP roasted for explanation of alleged law violation

The Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP), the Public Security Police (PSP) and the Judiciary Police (PJ) held a joint press conference yesterday afternoon following Jason Chao’s detention. The media has

Jason Chao and referendum volunteers detained over alleged privacy breach

The president of the Open Macau Society and political activist Jason Chao, as well as four civil referendum volunteers, were detained by police authorities yesterday for allegedly violating the personal

Ho Iat Seng admits mass rally against officials’ perks bill was ‘a great lesson’

Ho Iat Seng, president of the Legislative Assembly (AL), said that May’s mass demonstration against the officials’ perks bill had taught lawmakers a lesson. “We did learn a great lesson as

AL president casts doubt over investment fund

The AL President has said that he doubts Chui Sai On’s electoral promise to create an investment fund based on financial reserves. Ho said that caution is needed with high-risk

UM’s first convocation held on new campus

In his speech, UM rector Wei Zhao noted that this year’s new students were the first to attend UM’s first convocation held on the new campus, the first to study

ASK THE VET |10 common types of injuries that cause dog limping

Soft Tissue Injury This is the most common cause of limping for dogs. They include sprains, muscle pulls, and similar minor traumas. They are not serious, and can be successfully treated

PHOTO SHOP | Stallone and Schwarzenegger light up The Expendables 3 movie screening

  Friday night shone as Hollywood’s legendary action stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger greeted a local audience at the red carpet at the Venetian Macao. Before the special screening of

UFC fighters motivate local teens in community visit

  Two Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, Luke Rockhold and Angela Magana, have taken part in the Be Cool Project and shared their mixed martial arts (MMA) careers and personal experience,

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