DPP stands in way of cross-Straits exchanges

The meeting between Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and visiting Hsia Li-yan, vice-chairman

New green barrier built for self-interests

The visits French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire and his German counterpart Robert Habeck paid to the United States earlier this week were another appeal to the US

Australia can set a positive example

It is encouraging that Australian Minister for Trade Don Farrell acknowledged that trade and investment has always been “part of the bedrock” for relations between Australia and China

Paranoia spurs China-bashers to dramatize balloon incident into a Hollywood blockbuster

China has strongly protested at the shooting down of its meteorological balloon that had strayed into US airspace “completely accidentally”. A US military fighter jet shot down

Sanctions won’t crush China’s hi-tech rise

To further strangle China’s technology sector, the United States is reportedly considering banning all sales to Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei by US suppliers, including Intel and Qualcomm.

Birth registration changes better protect rights

Sichuan province’s newly-amended regulation on birth registration requires no marriage certificate for anyone to register the birth of a baby. Which means a single parent or unmarried couple

Epidemic data defy alarmist claims

That there has been no surge in novel coronavirus infections and no new variant of the virus has appeared on the mainland before and during the Chinese New

No backtracking on reform and opening-up

With the refining of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control measures, the Chinese economy is set for a robust rebound in growth, and China took the World Economic

Profound changes to the economy set path for high-quality development

China’s gross domestic product grew 3 percent year-on-year last year, the National Bureau of Statistics announced on Tuesday. This is a hard-earned result given the downward pressure the

Real issue governance deficit, not debt

With the United States’ federal debt expected to hit the existing ceiling on Thursday, the US Treasury Department has announced that it will have to take unusual means

Regaining their lost trade momentum in interests of both Australia and China

The latest remarks from Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on boosting relations with China are a welcome signal that Canberra is willing to join hands with Beijing to

Country remains ‘magnet’ for world business

No matter how far the small number of China-bashing politicians in the United States go in their efforts to besmirch China’s optimized COVID-19 prevention and control policies, they

Continued diplomatic tradition shows China-Africa bond of brotherhood

The ongoing visit of Foreign Minister Qin Gang to Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin, Egypt, the African Union headquarters and the League of Arab States headquarters from Monday to

Criticism of changes to China’s pandemic policies doesn’t fly

China’s implementation of its adjusted protocol for international travel on Sunday has spurred a handful of US politicians and media outlets to misinterpret it in order to smear

New COVID protocol science-based response to current epidemic situation

China released the 10th edition of its diagnosis and treatment protocol for COVID-19 on Saturday, the first of its kind since the country announced that it will be

Reciprocal arrival measures justified

Authoritative medical experts from different countries have said that entry restrictions on travelers arriving from the Chinese mainland, or with any travel history there within seven days, are

Stronger China-Brazil relations have rich connotations

The presence of Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan, as a special representative of Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the inauguration ceremony of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

New stage for control of Covid-19

Starting from Jan 8 next year, COVID-19 will be managed as a Category B infectious disease rather than as Category A, the National Health Commission said in a

Gravitational pull from demand boost

Now that the strict pandemic prevention and control restrictions have been dramatically eased, both domestic and international projections indicate the Chinese economy will embrace a strong momentum of

Rural areas need to be prepared for infection surge

The upcoming Spring Festival travel rush is causing additional concern that with the optimizing of the prevention and control measures the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus may

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