Even brighter future beckons HK after 25 years of success

For Hong Kong residents and all others who wish it well, nothing can be as reassuring as President Xi Jinping’s pledge of “maintaining Hong Kong’s unique status and

Hong Kong poised for greater success under “one country, two systems”

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), which celebrates its 25th anniversary on July 1, is set to write a new chapter in its success story with the

Women’s rights  sacrificed at the altar of US judiciary

The Supreme Court of the United States has overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade of 1973 that legalized abortion in the country. By ruling on Friday that the right to

Can G7 meet the global challenges?

Before the G7 Summit in the Bavarian Alps, being held from Sunday to Tuesday, and the NATO Summit scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in Madrid, many diplomatic meetings

Fatal backslide on women’s rights in US

The US Supreme Court’s seismic ruling on Friday to overturn Roe vs Wade that has guaranteed women the constitutional right to abortion since 1973 has sent shockwaves across

Tampering with health code is crossing the redline

If some officials abuse their power by turning healthy people’s health codes red, they are crossing a dangerous redline. Some people in Henan province are alleging that

Bill to promote ideological attack on China not freedom of speech

The so-called China Social Media Reciprocity Act some House Republicans proposed to the United States legislature on Tuesday represents the latest attempt by some US politicians to prevent

Innovators see two-way benefits from China’s entry to international IP treaty

Chinese enterprises are enjoying easier access to the international protection of their design work as China has joined the Hague Agreement, a global treaty to govern the registration

Exploitation of epidemic must be curbed

There is no doubt the mobility controls the country has put in place have helped to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus whenever it has tried to

Biden administration should show  it’s sincere about talking with DPRK

In accordance with new rules requiring the United Nations General Assembly to examine any veto wielded in the Security Council by any of its five permanent members, China

Washington’s intention to control its backyard foretells LA summit failure

Repercussions of the Joe Biden administration’s insistence on not inviting the leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the Ninth Summit of the Americas, in session in Los

China, US have much to gain from healthy competition 

Delivering a speech at the George Washington University on May 26, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed the Joe Biden administration’s “3C” policy toward China: cooperate, compete

India wrong to join US bid to contain China

The joint statement issued by the top leaders of Australia, Japan, India and the United States after they concluded their Quad summit in Tokyo on May 24 did

Genuine benefits of cooperation mean China a reliable partner

The time when Western powers could imperiously demarcate their spheres of influence in the Asia-Pacific and beyond is long gone. They can no longer regard the Pacific island

Timely, targeted policy support to stabilize growth

Given the downward pressure on the economy and the mounting difficulties facing many market entities at the moment, as a result of the latest wave of the novel

Any plot to use Xinjiang against China is doomed to failure

It is no secret that the United States has been demonizing Xinjiang in a bid to curb China’s development, nor is there any doubt that all such

The same but different: Australia elects a new government

Australia’s election returned the result of the Australian Labor Party coming to power. At this point it’s unsure whether the Labor Party will be able to secure a

Shame on smearers of dynamic clearing policy

That the world has recovered from previous pandemics is by no means a reason that people should do nothing and simply wait for the current pandemic to run

Washington’s liaisons dangerously imprudent

Relations between China and the United States are in a very bad shape now. Perhaps the worst they have been since diplomatic relations were established in 1979.

Banking on getting illusory US protection ruinous gamble for Taiwan secessionists

In recent years, the annual “Han Kuang” military exercises staged by the Taiwan island’s “defense forces” have been plagued by embarrassing mishaps. Last year, the command center even

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