Israel should  negotiate in good faith

The fierce international criticism of the civilian losses caused by its military campaign in Gaza, the looming uncertainties with the approach of US presidential election, as well as

CIA the wellspring of disinformation

According to a Reuters report on Friday, in 2019, the Central Intelligence Agency was authorized by then US president Donald Trump to launch a clandestine campaign on Chinese

Smokescreen of trade can’t hide true troublemaking intent of visit

Although US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stressed that what she led to the Philippines was a “presidential trade and investment mission on behalf of President Joe Biden”, the

Who is changing the status quo across the Taiwan Straits?

Congratulating a “presidential election” as “victory of democracy,” sending delegations to the “inauguration” of the newly-elected -- these are protocol arrangements that are quite usual between sovereign countries

Conclusion of NPC session highlights guarantees for healthy private sector

The development of new quality productive forces is a clear priority for the country, as the advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, the metaverse and

New quality productive forces call for meaningful input from political advisers

The second session of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China’s top political advisory body, concluded on Sunday in Beijing. A resolution

Chinese economy ascending, not peaking

China’s 2024 growth target of around 5 percent clearly indicates that its economic trajectory will continue to rise steadily. The target is realistic and attainable amid the

US lawmakers know drill ahead of election

The measure in the US funding legislation unveiled by congressional leaders on Sunday, which seeks to block China from buying oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of the

Economic plans, Taiwan and other things of China’s legislature

China’s Premier Li Qiang promoted an image of confidence as he announced modest economic growth goals for the world’s second largest economy, at one of the country’s most

Pool wisdom to better explore Chinese path to modernization

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the 70th anniversary of the National People’s Congress, the country’s top legislature, and

Building tariff castles will only entrench trade war

According to a source at a major UK automaker cited by Politico, “the wheels have started turning” at the United Kingdom’s Department for Business and Trade on an

Washington at odds with international consensus

Speaking to the media in Brazil on Thursday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said of the situation in Gaza that “we all share the same goals” and

Spring Festival movies chart new, inspiring cultural trends

At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, the 2024 Spring Festival film season has unexpectedly set some records after seeming devoid of blockbusters. To begin with, the

TikTok shouldn’t be a scapegoat of US political game

US President Joe Biden’s recent appearance on TikTok as part of an outreach to young voters ahead of the November election has, expectedly, sparked a controversy given his

Electioneering tariff talk belies the reality

There has been plenty of hoopla about the effectiveness of tariffs when it comes to correcting what in the eyes of US policymakers is unfair trade imbalances. Particularly

Change-or-ruin mindset main obstacle to economic talks making any real progress

Although the exchanges between the two sides at the Third China-US Economic Working Group Meeting that concluded on Tuesday in Beijing were described as “in-depth, candid, pragmatic and

Two priority tasks highlight rural work challenges

The No 1 central document for the year that the central government released on Saturday focuses on rural development. It provides indicators of the priorities for the rural

Zhejiang’s rural vitalization inspiring for nation

This year’s No 1 central document, as a tradition, focuses on rural vitalization, drawing inspiration from the Green Rural Revival Program in Zhejiang province. The initiative, planned and

Washington’s disinformation-fueled crackdown on Chinese companies continues unabated

The United States’ Department of Homeland Security recently executed a search warrant at the Ohio-based US subsidiary of Qingdao Sunsong, a Chinese automobile parts manufacturer that a congressional

Bipartisan games shouldn’t derail San Francisco consensus

The US presidential election scheduled for Nov 5 is critical for both Democrats and Republicans. For years, the presidential candidates of both parties have used China as a

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