Insight | Is Macau also built on greed?

I’m not a big fan of the public consultation concept, at least the way it is done in Macau. It seems that the local obsession with public consultations is linked

Bizcuits | Hello, Mr Chips

It’s easy to blame massification of tertiary education for the fact that educators have now to consider maintaining discipline in the classroom. In the past, with engaged, clever students, a

World Views | Greece would be better off just leaving the euro zone

Does Greece belong in the euro area? This fundamental question has divided Europe’s governments for months, and still does. The deal just announced only pretends to resolve their disagreement. That’s

World Views | Greece blinks

After months of deadlines that turned out not to matter and final demands that weren’t met, the threat of a one-way ticket from the euro seems to have finally persuaded

World Views |Malaysia must overcome legacy of patronage politics

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak may very well be, as he insists, innocent of charges that nearly USD700 million in government-linked funds ended up in his personal accounts. But his

Kapok | The Fongchikeongisation of the minds

Honestly speaking, I never expected some of my friends - many of them educated - to fall victim to arguments that only the most cynical and unrefined individuals would dare

HK Observer | None of their business?

With many students turning away from the city’s two big annual marches this year — the June 4 vigil to mark the anniversary of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square crackdown, and the

World Views | China’s bull market in conspiracy theories

China’s financial world has officially entered the paranoia zone. As the Shanghai stock market experiences its worst three-week rout since 1992 – in defiance of government efforts to reverse the

Insight | Twists and turns of the smoking regulation

The Executive Council concluded its revision on Macau’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Law last week, proposing a full smoking ban in casinos. The move, made against the will of the gaming

Bizcuits | The end of Summertime

Summer, it is and many of us are still out and about. The idea of holidays is to relax, to rest, to build up reserves, to de-stress before coming back

World Views | History says Greeks will vote to stay with Europe

If Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is confident he can persuade his countrymen to vote against the austerity package offered by their creditors on Sunday, he should think again: The

World Views | China’s latest financial reform changes nothing

When the Chinese government proposed last week to end its decades-long policy of capped bank lending, there was good reason to be skeptical about its motives. China had just had its biggest

Kapok | Social Responsibility

The summary of the 2014 Chief Executive policy address included a small box, oddly entitled “Tips for the Elderly”, in which we were told that elderly citizens were entitled to

HK Observer | Embers from the fire

The long road to the Basic Law’s objective of universal suffrage has just got a lot longer. Now that the Legislative Council (LegCo) has voted down the proposals to introduce

Artifacts | To ‘Om’ or not to ‘Om’?

Apart from being the longest day of the year, last Sunday was also special for another reason. It was the first ever UN international day of yoga. Promoted enthusiastically worldwide

World Views | Chinese investors are swimming in a giant bubble

JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock disagree about China’s stock bubble. The former says last week’s 13 percent share plunge is a reason to buy; the latter sees things “deflating quite rapidly.” So who’s

Rear Window | Typhoon season

High summer in Macau comes with unbearable humidity, gales and tropical showers, and a series of typhoons. But daily news and public affairs do not have a so-called ‘silly season’.

Bizcuits | Look beyond and be inspired

It’s summer. Get out, I implore you. Travel. Go into the countryside, breathe the air, or go to a big city, one of those amazing cities with tons of character

World Views | Greece’s tremors spread toward Spain and Italy

One reason European Union officials are allowing Greece to toddle dangerously close to the cliff top of exiting the euro is their oft-asserted belief that the situation is ring-fenced. A Greek default

World Views | Tsipras faces Greece’s moment of truth

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has four days to capitulate to demands to keep Greece in the euro - or prepare for a messy divorce. The collapse of talks in Brussels

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