1985 Riots in Brixton after police shooting

Riots have broken out on the streets of south London after a woman was shot and seriously injured in a house search. Armed officers raided

1996 Afghan forces routed as Kabul falls

The capital of Afghanistan has fallen to opposition militia after three days of fierce fighting. Taleban forces consolidated their grip on Kabul after storming the

1984 UK and China agree Hong Kong handover

Britain and China have finalised an agreement which will end more than 150 years of UK rule in Hong Kong. The proposal - which will hand

1950 Seoul in UN hands

United Nations forces have taken control of the South Korean capital Seoul, three months after it fell to North Korea, the US Army has announced.

1980 War breaks out between Iran and Iraq

Three weeks of border clashes between Iran and Iraq appear to have finally erupted into all-out war. Iraq has bombed several Iranian air and military supply

1998 Clinton’s Grand Jury testimony released

Bill Clinton’s testimony about his relationship with a young female assistant has been released to the United States public. The video of the American president’s 17

1999 UN force arrives in East Timor

A multinational peacekeeping force has landed in East Timor in an attempt to restore law and order to the territory. The UN force has been sent

1952 US Immigration slams door on Chaplin

The Attorney-General, Thomas McGranery, has ordered the Immigration Service to hold Mr Chaplin “for hearings” if he returns to the United States, despite issuing him with a re-entry

1987 Superpower treaty to scrap warheads

The United States and the USSR are to sign an agreement later this year to reduce the number of nuclear missiles. US President Ronald Reagan announced the

1964 The Sun newspaper is born

The Sun newspaper is published today for the first time. It is replacing the Mirror Group’s Daily Herald, which has been losing readers and advertising revenue

1985 USSR expels 25 in tit-for-tat spy row

Two days after the British Government ordered the expulsion of 25 alleged Soviet spies, the USSR has retaliated by throwing out 25 British nationals. It follows

1980 Missing Scottish bear is found

The bear who went missing on a Scottish island while being filmed for a Kleenex television commercial has finally been recaptured. Hundreds of volunteers have been

2001 US declares war on terror

The President of the United States has described the destruction caused in New York and Washington as an act of war against all freedom-loving people. In

1986 Pinochet survives rebel ambush

The president of Chile has escaped an attempt on his life in a fierce attack which killed five of his bodyguards and wounded 11 more. General

1992 Troops kill 24 at ANC rally

At least 24 people have been killed and 150 injured when soldiers fired on an African National Congress demonstration on the border of Ciskei in South Africa.

1997 Diana’s funeral watched by millions

Britain and the world have said farewell to Diana, Princess of Wales, at the end of an unprecedented week of mourning. A four mile procession brought her

1997 Mother Teresa dies

She died of a heart attack at the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta shortly before 1700 BST. The nun from Skopje, Macedonia, had

1997 Suicide bombings put peace visit in doubt

Eight people have been killed and over 150 injured in a series of suicide bomb attacks in the centre of Jerusalem. The three bombers -

1976 [UK] Water crisis deepens

The first of 11,500 standpipes have been connected in Yorkshire as local reservoirs reach their lowest levels in years. Yorkshire Water Authority (YWA) have said that

1959 Anglo-US TV debate makes history

British prime minister Harold Macmillan and American president Dwight Eisenhower have given an historic live television broadcast from Downing Street. Among the subjects the two leaders

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