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S KOREA’s president is cracking down on rumors in cyberspace in a campaign that threatens the popularity of Kakao Talk, the leading social media service in a country with ambitions

ENDANGERED SPECIES | Kenya, South Africa march for rhinos and elephants

About 500 people gathered in downtown Johannesburg to join the international fight to save dwindling rhino and elephant populations. They marched through South Africa's largest city as part of global marches

MEXICO | Mass grave found near town hit by violence

A clandestine grave site with multiple burial pits was found outside a city where violence last weekend resulted in six deaths and the disappearance of 43 students after protesters clashed

Organized crime | Cocaine cash is polluting Peruvian politics

In his run for governor of a rough Peruvian jungle state, Manuel Gambini has repeatedly cited his plaudits from the U.S. government for promoting the cultivation of cocoa beans over

BRAZIL | Millions vote in election full of surprises

The twists and turns in Brazil’s presidential race were ending yesterday, at least for a few hours, as millions of Brazilians were casting ballots in an election expected to force

This Day in History | 1981 – Egypt’s President Sadat assassinated

A number of other dignitaries including foreign diplomats were killed or seriously wounded. The Egyptian authorities have declared a state of emergency. President Sadat was attending the eighth anniversary of the Yom

The Buzz | Bahamas strikes tough tone on immigration at UN

The foreign minister of the Bahamas says his country is determined to control illegal immigration, saying allowing it to balloon would be a "recipe for civil strife." Frederick Mitchell struck a

World briefs

CHINA President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders solemnly presented flower baskets yesterday at the People’s Heroes Monument in central Beijing to mark Martyr’s Day, one of three new holidays

ISLAMIC STATE OFFENSIVE | Turkish troops head to Syria border as options weighed

Turkey sent busloads of troops to its border with Syria and considered military options as an Islamic State onslaught against Syrian Kurds drew Turkey deeper into its neighbor’s fighting. Military chief

BRIEFS | SPAIN: Catalonia halts independence vote campaign

DIPLOMACY | Obama, Modi say they will set new US-India agenda

President Barack Obama and India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi said yesterday that “it is time to set a new agenda” between their countries, addressing concerns that the world’s two largest democracies have grown

This Day in History | 1975 – Muhammad Ali wins ‘Thrilla in Manila’

The so-called “Thrilla in Manilla” lasted 14 rounds before Frazier’s trainer, Eddie Futch, finally persuaded him to call it a day. Ali said the fight was “the closest thing to dying”. From

The Buzz | US: Pennsylvania priest ordered detained until trial

A Roman Catholic priest was ordered to remain jailed until his trial on charges that he possessed child pornography and traveled to Honduras for sex with children during missionary trips. U.S.

World briefs

XINJIANG Two men have been sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment for killing a pro-government Muslim cleric in China’s far-western city of Kashgar, state media said yesterday. A

US AIRSTRIKES | Obama: US ‘underestimated’ Islamic State threat

President Barack Obama acknowledged that U.S. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat from Islamic State militants in the Middle East and overestimated the ability and will of Iraq’s army to fight

This Day in History | 2000 – Shocking images of boy shot in Gaza

The footage shows the boy, Muhammad al-Durrah, shot in the arms of his father who was trying to shield him. His terrifying last moments were captured by French television. The shocking images,

Offbeat | They did. They do. Clooney/Alamuddin wedding no. 2

The couple tied the knot two days earlier in a private ceremony attended by Hollywood celebrity friends and family. Yesterday, they followed up with a required civil procedure before Italian

Swift, Metallica set for Rock in Rio fest in Vegas

Taylor Swift and Metallica are among the performers set for the U.S. debut of the Rock in Rio music festival next year. Festival organizers say No Doubt, Linkin Park, The Deftones

World briefs

CHINA Four boys drowned off the coast of southern China this weekend while searching for duck eggs in a bay, officials said. The city of Beihai in the southern province

Organized crime | Italy fights mafia with new strategy: banish sons

First Italy fought its mafia mobsters by confiscating their wealth. Now judges are taking away something more precious: their sons. Riccardo Cordi, a shy 18-year-old scion of one of Italy's most

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