USA | Control of Senate main prize in midterm election

Optimistic Republicans looked to win control of the Senate, while Democrats struggled to limit their congressional losses yesterday in a U.S. election that could change the balance of power midway

UK | Top spy chief says Web is command center for terror

The new head of Britain’s electronic eavesdropping agency said U.S.- based social media have become the command and control network of choice for terrorists and criminals and that tech companies are in denial

South Africa | Pistorius prosecutors file appeal papers

The leader of separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine has been officially sworn in after an election that has been roundly condemned by the West as destabilizing. Alexander Zakharchenko was inaugurated

This day in history: 1984 Sandinistas claim election victory

Within hours of the count beginning, the leader of the country’s left-wing junta, Daniel Ortega, said he had gained nearly 70% of the vote in the presidential election. Mr Ortega said

Offbeat | Oops: UN head means Austria, thanks Australia

It was clearly a slip of the tongue, but many Austrians will not be amused because they hear it all too often: Expressing his gratitude for the hosting of a

World briefs

CHINA’s legislature designated Dec. 4 as Constitution Day on Sunday amid a drive to strengthen the authority of the country’s legal system. The move by the National People’s Congress’ Standing

Spanish shepherds guide 2,000 sheep across Madrid

Tourists and city-dwellers were surprised to see the capital’s traffic cut to permit the bleating, bell-clanking parade to pass the city’s most emblematic locations. Shepherds halted at the old town hall

Space tourism | Virgin spaceship’s descent device deployed prematurely

Virgin Galactic’s experimental spaceship broke apart in flight over California’s Mojave Desert after a device to slow the craft’s descent prematurely deployed, federal investigators said Sunday. National Transportation Safety Board Acting

USA | Terminally ill ‘death with dignity’ advocate dies

A terminally ill woman who renewed a nationwide debate about physician-assisted suicide has ended her life with the lethal drugs available under Oregon’s Death With Dignity Law. Brittany Maynard was

Climate change | UN report offers stark warnings, hope

Climate change is happening, it’s almost entirely man’s fault and limiting its impacts may require reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero this century, the U.N.’s panel on climate science said Sunday. The fourth and

this day in history: 1980 Reagan beats Carter in landslide

He has defeated Democrat Jimmy Carter in the US presidential elections by a huge majority. At the age of 69, Mr Reagan will be America’s oldest president. His running mate, former

Offbeat | Drivers scramble for flying cash on US highway

Drivers scrambled to grab money flying around a Maryland highway after an armored truck’s door burst open. Maryland State Police say a lock on the truck seems to have malfunctioned, causing

The Buzz | Wanted in US, Roman Polanski questioned in Poland

Prosecutors in Poland questioned filmmaker Roman Polanski at the request of U.S. prosecutors who are seeking his arrest on charges from 1977 of having sex with a minor, a spokeswoman

World briefs

CHINA-INDIA China’s Defense Ministry cautioned New Delhi yesterday over Indian plans to construct 54 new border posts along an eastern stretch of their disputed frontier. Spokesman Yang Yujun said China

Israel | Arab suspect in Jerusalem shooting killed by police

A Palestinian man suspected in the shooting of a prominent Jewish nationalist in Jerusalem was killed by police officers during an overnight arrest raid, Israel police said. The suspect died in

Mexico | Parents of missing students meet with president

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto met with parents of 43 teachers college students for the first time since they disappeared over a month ago, when investigators say police detained the

This Day in History | 1955 – Princess Margaret cancels wedding

The news was broadcast on the radio this evening. The BBC’s John Snagge interrupted normal programming to read a brief statement from the Princess. In it she said: “I have been

Offbeat | UK opens National Sperm Bank amid donor shortage

Britain opened a National Sperm Bank yesterday to help meet rising demand for donors. Officials said it is designed to help single women, men with fertility problems and same-sex couples to

The Buzz | Jose Canseco accidentally shoots his left hand

Former major league slugger Jose Canseco is recovering after shooting himself in the hand at his Las Vegas home. Metro police Lt. Mark Reddon says officers responded to a call

World briefs

THAILAND A Thai court yesterday dismissed the first of four criminal and civil defamation cases filed against a British human rights activist by a Thai fruit processing company accused of

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