TAIWAN | Niu says Chinese civil war film changed his life

Niu Chen-zer has fulfilled a longtime dream to make a film paralleling his father’s journey as a soldier who left China for Taiwan during the civil war in the late

World briefs

JAPAN The multi-nation fisheries body that monitors most of the Pacific Ocean has recommended a substantial cut to the catch of juvenile bluefin tuna, a move conservationists say is only

NATO SUMMIT |Russia: Ukraine’s membership ambitions threaten talks 

Russia’s foreign minister warned yesterday that Ukraine’s NATO ambitions are threatening to derail peace talks in eastern Ukraine. Undeterred, Ukraine’s president began a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama and other top NATO leaders

Leaders: US, UK will ‘not be cowed’ by militants 

Faced with a mounting militant threat in the Middle East, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron declared yesterday that their nations will “not be cowed” by extremists

This Day in History | 1997 – Mother Teresa dies

The nun from Skopje, Macedonia, had been battling ill health for some years, and in March stepped down as head of the order of nuns she founded. She was revered by

Offbeat | Chilean player dies during friendly game

A player from a third-tier club in Chile died of a heart attack during a friendly match against top-flight team Deportivo Palestino on Wednesday. Carlos Barra, a 23-year-old representing Deportes Maipo

The Buzz: EU assesses sports sanctions against Russia

European Union nations are looking at sporting sanctions to punish Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine crisis but diplomats say the immediate targeting of high-profile events like the 2018

Switzerland, Singapore, US top economic rankings

The United States’ competitiveness among global economies has risen to the No. 3 spot behind Switzerland and Singapore in rankings published annually by the World Economic Forum. In its survey released

World briefs

JAPAN’s prime minister has picked a record-matching five women in his new Cabinet. The appointments are seen as a way for Shinzo Abe to showcase his “womenomics” pledge to revive

UKRAINE CRISIS | Kiev and Moscow agree ceasefire steps

The brief statement said “mutual understanding was reached regarding the steps that will contribute to the establishment of peace” but gave no details. There have been previous statements of agreements on

ISIS EXTREMISM | Second journalist beheading raises stakes for US 

Islamic State extremists have released a video showing the beheading of a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, and warned President Barack Obama that continuing airstrikes against the group in Iraq

Offbeat | Dominican president vetoes new national park

A proposal to create a new national park that would have blocked the expansion of a nickel mine in the forested mountains of the central Dominican Republic was vetoed Tuesday

This day in History: 1978 Floods devastate northern India

Some areas of the state of West Bengal are now 18 feet (5.49 metres) below water as the monsoons continue beyond their usual season. The river Yamuna has risen six feet

The Buzz: UK withdrawing warrant for ill boy’s parents

U.K. prosecutors are withdrawing the arrest warrant in the case of a British couple who took their 5-year-old son out of the country in hopes of getting a new type

GAMING | New Jersey casino goes dark after just 2 years

Revel Casino Hotel opened with a bang a little more than two years ago amid high hopes of turning around Atlantic City’s struggling casino market. But the USD2.4 billion resort went

World briefs

CHINA Three prisoners including a death row inmate killed a guard, donned police uniforms and escaped in a rare jailbreak in northeastern China early yesterday, prompting a manhunt that later

UKRAINE | Russian forces in major rebel cities 

A Ukrainian official said yesterday that Russian forces have been spotted in both of the major rebel-held cities in eastern Ukraine. The claim by Col. Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s national security council,

SYRIA | Rebels issue demands for captive UN Fijian troops 

Al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels holding 45 Fijian peacekeepers hostage have issued a set of demands for their release, including the extremist group’s removal from a U.N. terrorist list and compensation for

this day in history: 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany

He said the British ambassador to Berlin had handed a final note to the German government this morning saying unless it announced plans to withdraw from Poland by 1100, a

Offbeat | | Report: Water shortages crimp China fracking plan

More than 60 percent of China’s vast shale gas deposits are in regions with scarce water resources, complicating plans by the energy-hungry country to tap the natural gas, according to

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