Brazil | Mass protests present big challenge to Rousseff 

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff faced the biggest challenge yet of her young and turbulent second term, as hundreds of thousands of protesters took to streets in more than 150 cities

Russia | Moscow was ready for Crimea nuclear standoff, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to put his country’s nuclear forces on alert when he annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula last year in case of intervention by the

This Day in History: 1968 Anti-Vietnam demo turns violent

The St John Ambulance Brigade said it treated 86 people for injuries. Fifty were taken to hospital including up to 25 police officers. The trouble followed a big rally in

Offbeat: South African woman celebrates 100th birthday with a skydive

Celebrating her 100th birthday with a parachute jump is not enough for South African Georgina Harwood. She plans to make her centenary even more exciting by doing a shark cage

The Buzz: Bhutan wins on 1st day of 2018 World Cup qualifying

FIFA’s lowest-ranked team won on the first day of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. Bhutan, ranked 209th by the governing body of world soccer, beat Sri Lanka 1-0 in

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CHINA An earthquake in the eastern Chinese city of Fuyang has killed two people and damaged thousands of homes. The quake struck in the Anhui province city Saturday afternoon, and

FAW group chairman Xu faces Communist Party graft probe

The chairman of China FAW Group Corp., which partners with Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp. to build vehicles in the world’s largest auto market, is being investigated by the

Israel | Netanyahu legacy on the line in vote 

  As Israelis prepare to vote in parliament elections on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself at a fateful crossroads: Make history or become history. If Netanyahu can lead his Likud

This Day in History | 1978 | Aldo Moro snatched at gunpoint

Chief police investigator Signor Moro said 12 gunmen took part in the attack on the former prime minister as he was being driven to parliament. Police have set up dozens

Nature | UN – Head urges better safeguards for climate disasters

The president of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu appealed to a U.N. disaster conference Saturday for help as a powerful cyclone swept across his archipelago, driving painfully home the

The Buzz | Virgin founder: Former cruise CEO’s lawsuit without merit

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson says a USD300 million lawsuit filed against the company by a former cruise line executive has no merit. London-based Virgin released its statement yesterday, one day

Boxing | Mayweather, Pacquiao begin countdown to the biggest fight ever

But it didn’t take long yesterday for Mayweather to put the fight into perspective in a way that only a fighter nicknamed “Money” can. “You get to this level where you’re

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THAILAND’s anti-corruption body has recommended that 250 former lawmakers be impeached, in the latest move targeting supporters of ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. National Anti-Corruption Commission spokesman Vicha Mahakun said

Syria | Aid groups criticize UN Security Council over humanitarian crisis

More than 20 international aid groups sharply criticized the United Nations Security Council yesterday, saying it has failed to implement three resolutions passed last year seeking to boost humanitarian assistance

USA | 2 officers shot at protest outside Ferguson police station 

Two officers were shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department early yesterday, authorities said, as demonstrators gathered after the resignation of the city’s police chief in the wake of a scathing

RUSSIA | BBC: Nemtsov’s daughter says Putin to blame for death

Venezuela’s Congress has approved President Nicolas Maduro’s request for expanded powers, which he says he needs to protect the socialist South American country from U.S. “imperialism.” Maduro’s request to enact

This Day in History: 1983 Nkomo flees Zimbabwe ‘death threats’

Mr Nkomo, leader of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Zapu) party, says he was forced to flee from Zimbabwe because his life was in danger. Troops from the Fifth Brigade

Offbeat | FIFA expels Zimbabwe from 2018 World Cup qualifying

Zimbabwe was thrown out of 2018 World Cup qualifying yesterday for failing to pay its national team coach. FIFA’s disciplinary committee said it took the action “as a result of the

The Buzz | Texas to execute gang hit man for killing over drug tax

A Mexican Mafia hit man convicted of beating and strangling a San Antonio woman because she didn’t pay the gang’s 10 percent tax on her illegal drug sales is heading

World briefs

CHINA Beijing police detained movie actor Wang Xuebing on a suspected drug offense, adding to a number of celebrities who have been caught in anti-drug actions, Chinese state media reported

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