Catholic association launches website to promote historical culture

The Macao Catholic Culture Association has launched its official website aiming to promote the historical culture and tradition of the religion in the SAR.
In a statement, the association said that the website aims to build a foundation of mutual understanding from a cultural perspective, continuing this mission of Sino-Western exchanges in the new era.
The website will also tackle diverse cultural topics such as Catholic cultural heritage, Catholic culture and art, Catholic culture and science and religious cultural exchange.
“In line with contemporary new media communication technology and innovative digital platforms, we aim to integrate the historical characteristics of Macau’s Catholic culture into modern new media culture,” said the association, adding that it also aims to promote the popularization and sharing of Catholic cultural resources, to achieve cultural exchanges with the community and other religious groups.
The establishment of the Macao Catholic Culture Association hopes to promote historical Catholic culture in Macau, encompassing two thousand years of Catholic Church tradition and four hundred years of Catholic culture and tradition in the city. LV

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