CCAC uncovers illegal acts involving two civil servants

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has revealed that a Judiciary Police officer was suspected of accessing the immigration records of two people a number of times in 2019 for personal interest and without authorization from his superior.
This comes after a local resident filed a report in person to the bureau, claiming that a Judiciary Police officer had illegally accessed his and his friend’s immigration records, allegedly constituting an abuse of office.
After an investigation, the officer was suspected to have committed abuse of office and the crime of undue access in Law no. 8/2005 in the Personal Data Protection Act. The case has been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office.
The corruption watchdog also discovered a case where a worker of the Municipal Affairs Bureau allegedly made changes to the quotation document of a company that had won a contract.
Following the investigation of a report received by the corruption watchdog, it was found that when closing the account of procurement contracts, the bureau discovered that the name of the company involved was different from what was shown on the company chop (or seal).
Subsequently, the document was returned to the worker responsible for the procurement for follow-up.
In order to evade possible disciplinary liability resulting from the mistake, the public servant made changes to the document without authorisation and then closed the account with the document. This act constituted the offence of forgery by a public servant.
Asked to comment on this particular case yesterday, Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong said he had already ordered the bureau to commence internal disciplinary procedures against the violator. Cheong said he and his colleagues have zero tolerance against abuses of power.
Meanwhile, when commenting on the other case investigated by the CCAC, Cheong said he believed that the Secretary for Security was taking appropriate action. Cheong sees this as proof of the effectiveness of Macau laws. LV/AL

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