Chief Executive confirms cash handout amount unchanged next year

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng confirmed over the weekend that next year’s cash handout will remain similar to this year’s.
Formally known as the Wealth Partaking Scheme, next year’s cash handout will amount to MOP10,000 for each eligible permanent resident, as mentioned by the Chief Executive. Macau’s top official justified not raising the amount because of the tight government budget expected next year.
He added that the existence of a third round of financial support depends on the next year’s condition. If the economy is fair next year, there will not be a third round. Otherwise, “there is no reason not to help,” the Chief Executive said.
He hinted that the current financial support arrangements needed to be rethought and made fairer. For example, all bearers of Macau ID, including those regularly residing outside Macau, are eligible for the cash handout.
He has also pledged to stabilize as many industries as possible.
On Macao Foundation subsidies, the Chief Executive said that he hopes to not see any event applying for subsidies from several funds or entities.
The Chief Executive disclosed that President Xi Jinping has commended Macau’s effort in controlling the Covid-19 outbreak. However, the city should be vigilant against a possible second wave.
The Chief Executive declined to comment on the mainland’s review of a law criminalizing the solicitation of overseas gambling, stressing that the review is still being discussed in the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. AL

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