Civil servant admits to stealing

A civil servant has been accused of theft, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) recently reported.
The accused is a 59-year-old man surnamed Chow, who is reportedly an assistant technician working in a government department.
On July 27, while Chow was parking his motorbike in the central district, he identified an opportunity to steal items from a vehicle nearby.
One Macau Pass card and one raincoat were left inside the helmet left on the motorbike. Chow took both items without anyone immediately noticing and later used the Macau Pass card several times.
On August 4, the Macau Pass owner realized that a total of 250 Macau patacas had been used on his card. The card was used a total of 14 times, at stores near O Bairro Horta da Mitra and Jardim de Luís de Camões. The owner then reported the case to the police authority.
On August 9, PSP officers apprehended Chow in his apartment and he admitted to the theft. According to Chow, his son also used the Macau Pass, although without knowing that the card was a stolen item. The case was forwarded to the prosecution authority on August 10. JZ

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