Crime | Police arrest man accused of serial sex harassment

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has arrested a 24-year-old Macau recidivist for another sexual harassment case, with the victim in this case a male student.
Yesterday, the PJ sent out a statement reporting the man’s apprehension. According to the PJ, on September 4, a middle school reported a sexual harassment case to the bureau, notifying that a male student was harassed by a man who had touched the boy’s ankle. The police department identified the suspect on the same day.
The suspect, surnamed Lam, is current unemployed and is a reoffender of sexual harassment. Previously, Lam sexually harassed people in mainland China and was imprisoned for one year.
According to the PJ, Lam admitted to the charge and confessed that the harassment was performed intentionally in order to satisfy his fetish.
After he was released from the mainland prison and returned to Macau, he committed the same type of offenses in the northern district of the Macau Peninsula on about 10 different occasions.
The PJ is currently following up on an investigation to learn about whether there are more students who were victims of Lam. The suspect is facing charges of sexual harassment and the prosecution authority is currently handling the case.
Earlier in May, the PJ caught a 39-year-old unemployed Macau man who was also accused of sexual harassment against students.
The cases were all reported soon after the resumption of high-school class. The man had lingered around a middle school in the northern district and allegedly harassed a total of 38 female students by touching their legs, backside and hands. The perpetrator got close to the victims while the girls were gathering or in a queue.
The PJ has urged Macau youth not to tolerate any sexual harassment situations and to report relevant incidents. JZ

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