Crime | Security guard charged with sex offenses against 9-year-old

A non-resident security guard from the mainland has been charged by the PSP with sexual offenses against minors.
The 30-year-old suspect worked at a Taipa residential estate on Estrada de Governador Albano de Oliveira. The Times has learned that the workplace of the security guard is Nam Sun Garden Building.
The victim is a 9-year-old local primary school student.
Late on September 12, the victim and her mother reported the violation at a police station.
The police were told that on more than 10 occasions, when the girl was waiting for the elevator in the lobby on her own, the suspect took the opportunity to kiss the girl on her face. In addition, he has also caressed the girl’s head, shoulders and abdomen.
The girl told the police that the offense last took place on September 9, but could not express or recall when the sexual offenses started.
It was the police’s understanding that the girl was too scared to mention the incidents to her mother. It was only discovered when the mother was providing sex education to the victim that they reported the case.
After receiving the report, the police arrested the suspect in an operation during the early morning the following day. He was arrested at his workplace and confessed to the accusations.
For the time being, according to the police, no other victims have been reported. AL

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