Doctor at public hospital conceals travel to Qingdao

A plastic surgeon at the Conde São Januário Hospital failed to declare to his employer that he had traveled to Qingdao, China before resuming work. He has been asked by his employer to refrain from attending work for seven additional days for safety reasons.
Qingdao has recently recorded new infections of Covid-19. The health authority in Macau has announced that from October 13, all entrants who have traveled to Qingdao in the preceding 14 days should be quarantined as a precaution.
The Health Bureau has already changed the Macau Health Code of people with such travel history from green to yellow, hinting that they should conduct stricter health monitoring.
The surgeon in question traveled to the mainland city between September 25 and October 5. Although not violating general measures, the Health Bureau has required its medical staff to declare their travel history to the mainland city, so that superintendents can make special work arrangements when required.
The surgeon, however, did not make such a declaration. In addition, he maintained his work in the clinical sector of the hospital, meaning that he has treated patients in the preceding days. He also has not presented his Health Code every day before work.
The surgeon has tested negative for Covid-19. aL

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