Education bureau meets with nurseries to discuss school ban for infants

A meeting was held between the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) and educational associations to discuss the issue of children under the age of 3 being banned from returning to schools.
The meeting was held last Saturday to discuss the commencement of the new school year for children under 3 years old. Representatives from local education associations recommended allowing the children to return to school under conditions that do not violate the principles of health assurance.
In response, the DSEJ agreed to collect opinions on the topic from schools in the next few days.
The new school year commenced the first week of September. The DSEJ, however, only announced this on August 27. The bureau was criticized for leaving parents and students just days to prepare.
In addition, the ban on the resumption of school for children under 3 has left parents puzzled, partly because of its justification regarding recommendations for wearing face masks.
Returning students are instructed to wear face masks. However, young children are not recommended to wear face masks. Hence it is understood that they have been excluded from the school resumption. AL

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