Few package tours available

As of yesterday, there are barely any package tour products available on most of mainland China’s major travel service platforms, including Taobao and Tuniu.
On Fliggy, another travel platform owned by Alibaba, various Hong Kong-Macau package tour products are still available.
The Macau Daily Times contacted some of these products’ suppliers, and were informed that there are currently no package tours available for visiting only Macau, and that it is most likely that travel agencies will only organize SARs package tours when mainland visitors can travel to Hong Kong.
Besides the fact there are no relevant tourism products, Macau should also set low expectations for package tours.
It is a common practice among mainland companies, both public and private, to enroll their workers in group tours to Macau. However, due to cautiousness regarding Covid-19, mainland companies may limit this arrangement to only domestic group tours this year.
Aside from that, some companies on the mainland, including state owned companies, have also issued explicit instructions to their workers to not travel outside mainland China, and employees must first gain company approval if they wish to do so. JZ

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