First Macau funds donated to Lebanon

Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau), (also known in English as the International Philanthropy Association), is conducting a fundraising campaign to support Achrafieh2020, a Lebanese non-profit association.
The initiative was started in response to the deadly explosion that ripped through Beirut, the capital city of the Middle Eastern country, on August 4. It was equivalent to a 3.3-magnitude earthquake and “will have devastating consequences for a country already suffering from a financial and economic [impact] and severely hit with a health crisis,” as described by the association.
Some 300,000 people are now homeless and parts of the heritage of the historic neighborhood of Achrafieh has been severely damaged. A first donation of $2,677 (about 21,300 patacas) was sent directly to Achrafieh2020 last week as a result of the donations made to the campaign so far. The online campaign continues and has already received over MOP40,000 in individual donations.
In a thank you note, Achrafieh2020 expressed its gratitude to Macau stating, “the initiative and the effort put to raise these funds is not to be underestimated given the current circumstances where people across the world are facing other challenges.”
Macau Daily Times is the official media partner of the Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau). AL

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