GalaxyArt showcases bamboo artworks in exhibition

Starting from today to May 15, 2022, GalaxyArt, managed under the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation, will present “Art of Bamboo: from Qilin to Contemporary Art” exhibition where exquisite bamboo artworks by Hong Kong artist Louis To will be featured. 

“The artworks reflect the unique charm of intangible cultural heritage and demonstrate how traditional Chinese culture is embedded in the Macau community,” Galaxy Entertainment Group said in a statement.  

The “Art of Bamboo” incorporates four sections to show the essence of bamboo artworks, including art pieces of the Chinese mystical animals Qilin and Chiwen, the use of bamboo crafts in the daily lives such as the building of performance stage, the combination of contemporary bamboo crafts and the Western culture, as well as a documentary which gives a glimpse into the art of making of the delicate bamboo artworks. 

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