GEG clarifies it has no affiliations with online gambling

Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited (GEG) and its properties have clarified in a statement that they have no affiliations with any online gambling or betting sites.
As posted on its website, GEG said that they have never directly or indirectly authorized any websites or related companies to carry out any form of online gambling and betting activities for or on behalf of the group.
GEG then called on the public to report to authorities if they suspect any fake gambling and betting websites, or if they are scammed or approached by “any suspicious persons claiming to be in any way connected with GEG relating to such fake illegal gambling and betting websites.”
Rumors circulating on social media last week state that the SAR government is considering a Mark Six lottery in a bid to boost revenue amid the economic downturn caused by Covid-19.
However, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau refuted the rumor, clarifying that it had not authorized the operation of any online lotteries in Macau.
The regulator highlighted that online gaming activities or “Macau Mark Six” websites claiming to operate on behalf of the government were fake and illegal.
The bureau has reported the case to police authorities.
Currently, only Macau Slot Co Ltd. is licensed by the bureau to take bets on basketball and football. LV

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