Government retracts ‘world-class’ description from Hac Sa project

The Municipal Affairs Bureau has retracted part of a public release made earlier in the week in which the bureau claimed it would build a “world-class” amusement park.
Lawmaker Lam Lon Wai recently asked the government to provide an update on Hac Sa village. The IAM had previously said that the bureau had begun engineering works at a land plot near Hac Sa King Hung Shing Temple in Hac Sa village, which would transform the area into a “large-scale integrated leisure zone.”
Replying to Lam’s interpellation, the IAM explicitly remarked that the aforementioned leisure zone was part of the government’s aim to build a “world-class adventure and amusement park zone.”
Yesterday, the Administration Council Vice-Director of the IAM, Lo Chi Kin, decided to retract the term “world-class,” indicating that the expression was exaggerated and that the amusement park was intended as a youth adventure camp.
Lo said that the term “world-class” was “a bit improper” and that the bureau had only used the expression because the IAM “didn’t want people to think the facilities were too simple.”
According to Lo, the IAM was worried that members of the public would not accept its proposals if the bureau did not use the term “world-class.”

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