Gov’t to consider extending Covid-19 test validity period to 14 days

The Macau SAR government is considering extending the Covid-19 test validity period from seven days to 14 days.
Yesterday, a group of representatives from the General Union of Neighborhood Association visited the Government Headquarters to meet with Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng.
The group proposed that the test validity period be extended, the launching a third round of e-vouchers, building apartments for seniors, and the speeding up of the construction of the Light Rapid Transit.
Lawmaker Ho Ion Sang, who is also the deputy director of the association, cited the CE and said that the SAR government is carrying out research on extending the test validity period.
According to the lawmaker, the CE has already promised that the SAR government will continue with next year’s cash handout. However, the amount and other relevant details may only be announced by the local government during next year’s policy address.
The lawmaker also cited the CE and said that salaries and welfare of civil servants will not be reduced in 2021. JZ

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