Diversification plan

Gov’t to spend MOP235m next year to attract international tourists

A total sum of MOP235 million has been reserved to attract international visitors, Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong disclosed yesterday afternoon.

When responding to a question at the press conference held to announce the plan for economic diversification covering the period between 2024 and 2028, the senior official emphasized that part of the government’s role in diversifying the economy is to establish a conducive environment. He disclosed that further investments will be made to attract visitors from a wider pool.

The allocation of money is subject to approval by the parliament, although there has been no instance of the budget failing to pass in the past.

When questioned by the Times about the details of how the allocated funds will be spent, Lei underscored the importance of non-Greater China source markets in the government’s tourism strategy. He further revealed that attracting family visitors will also be a core part of the city’s target.

Lei specifically mentioned that the proportion of non-Greater China visitors to Macau had grown from 10% in January to 70% in October, suggesting that strategies employed by the government had been effective.

Looking forward, the government will continue promoting Macau in a wider range of locations. Roadshows may be held again in the coming year as the senior official noted that local businesspeople will be motivated to seek markets outside of Macau.

More efforts will focus on markets in Northeast and Southeast Asia, and the government will aim to attract the attention of those visiting neighboring localities by suggesting that they consider travelling to Macau enroute.

This includes multi-stop tours, a concept that has recently gained prominence in government discourse, with an emphasis on quantity.

Lei added that the local tourism board will do more to attract and encourage visitors, especially those from outside of the Greater China Region, to extend their stays in Macau.

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