Group tours limited to HKZMB or Hengqin Port

Group tours, but not group tour visa holders, will only be allowed to enter Macau either by crossing the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge or the Hengqin Port, according to a bulletin published by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center.
Starting yesterday, mainland China resumed issuing travel permits to all mainland visitors to Macau.
In order to cope with the possible swift growth in visitor arrivals, which in turn may impact Covid-19 pandemic control measures, the Macau SAR government has reached a consensus with the Zhuhai government to implement a special travel management policy.
Members of group tours can only cross the border at the HKZMB port or the Hengqin Port. Visitors under the Individual Visa Scheme can also join a group tour. However, if they choose to be part of a group tour they can only enter Macau through the aforementioned two immigration checkpoints.
Individual travellers can choose to use the HKZMB port, Hengqin Port, WanZai Port or the Border Gate. JZ

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