Hong Kong’s Liaison Office condemns rumor-mongering about pandemic fight

The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) yesterday condemned the rumor-mongering about the mainland’s support for Hong Kong’s fight against COVID-19.
The condemnation comes as individuals stand accused of politicizing the anti-epidemic work, smearing the mainland’s efforts by spreading malicious rumors, and even violently assaulting volunteers working for the upcoming free testing scheme, a spokesperson of the liaison office said in a statement.
At the request of the Hong Kong government, the central government has sent the nucleic testing supportive team with over 220 members to Hong Kong, who will comply with the medical rules of Hong Kong and complete their testing tasks in labs, the spokesperson said.
The central government will continue to help Hong Kong renovate and build makeshift hospitals and is ready to provide more medical support, the spokesperson added.
The epidemic has yet to be contained in Hong Kong, and massive virus testing has proven to be the most effective means to help cut the transmission chains around the world.
The spokesperson applauded the medical workers, students and civil servants who volunteered to help in the testing scheme.
The spokesperson also called for concerted efforts of Hong Kong society to battle COVID-19 and push social and economic activities back on track at an early date. MDT/Xinhua

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