IC lowers building requirements after dropping heritage grading

After foregoing the need to preserve the exterior façade of the building known as 39E on Rua dos Mercadores, near Senado Square, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) now only requires that the reconstruction not be taller than 20.5 meters, and abide by the 76-degree daylight plane angle.
The 76-degree requirement is still in effect in Macau. It ensures sufficient sunlight and airflow between buildings on both sides of a road. The height of a building should not be taller than the hypotenuse making 76 degrees from the center of the road in front of it.
The building, colloquially known as 39E Rua dos Mercadores, is believed to have been built around the early 20th century from bricks and wood. It has a western style exterior but a Chinese style interior. What makes it especially rare now is its large balcony and carved cast iron fence.
The IC’s proposal stands opposed to its previous regulations on the building next to 39E, which required preservation of the exterior façade.
Netizens on social media proposed that, given the buildings are both located within the buffet zone of the Historic Centre of Macao, their preservation requirements should be similar in order to maintain visual harmony. AL

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