Lai Chi Vun shipyards, Iec Long factory to partially open to public

After revitalization works, the old Lai Chi Vun shipyards in Coloane and the site of the former Iec Long Firecrackers Factory in Taipa will partially open to the public, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has informed.
According to IC officials, the bureau is currently studying the future revitalization and use of the site of the former Iec Long Firecrackers Factory in Taipa to make good use of the land and the area’s existing ecological and cultural resources.
According to IC President Mok Ian Ian, the bureau is preparing to partially open the site to public visitation without carrying out major work on the existing structures, which will keep their original layout.
During this phase, the IC work will be focused on paving lanes to connect areas inside the site, and establishing several recreational facilities and signs that will allow visitors to explore the area and learn about the history of the former factory.
When questioned as to what date the site will open to the public, Mok said that the IC cannot advance a concrete date at the moment, since the land plot is still undergoing some administrative work regarding ownership, adding, “As soon as such a problem is solved, we will move forward with the necessary works and opening to the public,” she said.
As for the Lai Chi Vun shipyards, the bureau has earmarked one area to be repurposed into a space of cultural and creative markets. It will include a leisure square, a multifunctional activity space as well as an exhibition hall, which features an old lime factory.

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