Library conference closes today

The 11th Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources was officially opened yesterday at the Grand Ballroom of MGM.
The opening ceremony was officiated by the president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Ung Vai Meng and the deputy director of the National Library of China, Sun Yigang.
The two-day conference will come to a close today. Themed “Post-digital Era – the Cooperation, Utilization and Promotion of Chinese Resources,” the conference is being attended by local and overseas representatives from the library sector. They are primarily discussing resource use and sharing, inter-institution cooperation, promotional techniques and technology application, in order to deepen mutual understandings and further the development and resource sharing capabilities of the organization.
On this event, local library representatives are expected to meet foreign specialists to promote an alignment with international standards. They will share their professional experiences in preparation for the development of libraries in the future.
Remarking on the event, Sun Yigang said, “I believe that with our joint efforts, this conference will achieve novel results in terms of the experience in cooperative development and the sharing of [library] resources.”  JZ

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