Lisboeta hotel receives operating license


The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has granted a four-star hotel unit classification to the Lisboeta hotel development in Cotai. The information was revealed in a dispatch published in the government’s official gazette.
License number 0755/2020 was officially issued on June 3 to Macau Theme Park and Resort Limited, which owns the establishment and is controlled by Arnaldo Ho, son of the late gaming tycoon, Stanley Ho.
The final date for the hotel’s opening to the public is not yet known. According to earlier comments made by the Ho, including during the public presentation of the project in 2018, the hotel is expected to open its doors by the end of this year.
About one year ago, Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM) Holdings’ chief executive officer, Ambrose So, hinted at the possibility of the hotel unit being granted a gaming area under a service agreement between gaming concessionaire SJM and Macau Theme Park and Resort Limited.
However, no reference has been made to this possibility recently, leaving it still undecided.
Although the tentative date for the Lisboeta remains 2020, during the peak of the outbreak of Covid-19, Arnaldo Ho hinted at the possibility of the pandemic causing “delays” to the planned opening date, but did not advance a new timeline.
In 2018, when the project was announced, Macau Theme Park and Resort Limited said that the project would include a total of three hotels – the Lisboeta, the Maison L’Occitane, and the Line Friends Hotel – in a partnership with the two brands.
The three smaller hotel units are located next to a larger-scale project by SJM Holdings, the Grand Lisboa Palace, which is also expected to open later this year.

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