Macau denies Ao Man Long request for Portugal transfer

The local government has denied a request from the former Secretary for Transport and Public Works to serve the remainder of his 29-year sentence in Portugal.
Citing an unnamed source in the Portuguese government, Macau Business reported that the request has been denied on account of Ao holding Chinese nationality.
Former Secretary Ao Man Long, who was sentenced in 2008 to 29 years behind bars for the crimes of corruption, money laundering and abuse of power, had invoked his status as a Portuguese citizen to make the request. The request is made possible by an Agreement for the Transfer of Sentenced Persons between the two jurisdictions.
However, the unnamed source from the Portuguese attorney-general’s office told Macau Business that Ao “was considered to be of Chinese nationality, thus not meeting the conditions to be able to be transferred.”
If Macau had approved the transfer, the case would have been transferred to the central government to have its final say. The transfer would only have been possible if all the concerned parties had agreed to it.
Ao is currently being held in a high-security section of the Coloane Prison.
There is no recourse for Ao to appeal this decision. DB

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