Museum fire did not damage historic materials


A fire that broke out at the Macau Museum on Friday evening had no consequences for the historic materials stored within, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has said. The evaluation of the premises was undertaken after the Fire Services (CB) intervened to tackle the flames.
According to information circulated by local media, the fire was limited to the museum’s administration building, and did not affect the structure of the building, nor the valuable content stored or on display at the venue.
According to the reports of the security authorities, the fire broke out on the ground floor of the building a few minutes before midnight.
A security guard of the museum called the emergency line to report the fire and triggered the alarm.
According to a report from the CB, the firemen deployed to the scene had no difficulties in extinguishing the fire, as they found that most parts of the task had been done already by the anti-fire system of the venue, which acted as intended, releasing water from the ceiling sprinklers in the room where the fire started.
The origin of the fire is still unknown, but suspected to be due an electrical short-circuit.
No people were injured and there were no significant losses to report from the small fire.
The fire caused the museum to be closed until further notice for further inspections that aim to ensure the safety of the public and museum exhibits as well as due to the need to clean and dry the exhibition areas located on the first and second floors that were affected by water.

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