MUST leadership meets with Chinese deputy commissioner

The leadership team of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) recently met with Wang Dong, Deputy Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Macau, for a discussion about the future development of the university.
MUST chancellor Liu Chak Wan thanked the commissioner’s office for its support of the school over the last 20 years and invited Wang to join a gathering at MUST in November to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the school.
MUST vice president Pang Chuan, who is also a lawmaker, reported MUST’s main developments and achievements in recent years to Wang.
Pang said that with the support of the country and the SAR government, the school’s overall ranking has risen significantly in recent years.
The educator also remarked that MUST is fully implementing the instructions of Chinese president Xi Jinping and ensuring the school is patriotic in all respects, striving to prime students to have a strong attachment to the country and to their homes.
Commissioner Wang said that the office aims to promote Macau in developing communications with other regions.
Regarding MUST, Wang said that she has learned more about the institution after the meeting and that she is full of hope for the future development of the university.
In Wang’s opinion, MUST is young and energetic, innovative, and progressive, and the school is a leading institute for training talented people who love the country and love Macau.
The commissioner said that MUST would excel further if it took advantage of Macau’s ‘center and platform’ directives, developed the areas in which Macau needs to diversify the economy, supported the ‘Macau brand’ and made greater contributions to the SAR and the country. JZ

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