New bluecard design to take effect from March 2021


The design of the non-resident workers’ permit (commonly known as the bluecard) is changing, with the new model scheduled to be deployed from March next year, an order from the Chief Executive published in the government official gazette informed.
The change is an update to the model currently in force. More detailed information about the cardholder will be added and stored in the card which can be accessed through a QR code on the item.
The information to be graphically displayed in the card includes the name, gender, birthdate, issuing date, type of worker, job title and employer, as well as the permit number, expiration date, and photograph of the holder.
However, the microchip will also include other personal data such as marital status, country or region that issued the last travel document, type and number of those travel documents, and the date when the personal data was updated.
The Chief Executive order also stated that the previous models of blue cards which have already been issued and will be issued up to March next year will remain valid until their expiration date. RM

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